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Great Bends Liles breaks school wrestling records
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GODDARD — Great Bend’s No. 3 state-ranked wrestler Cody Liles (132) broke school records with 20 pins this season and 137 victories in a high school career while winning five matches in the Goddard dual meet tournament Saturday. Liles beat wrestlers from Campus, Goddard, Liberal and Maize and had a forfeit victory against Goddard Eisenhower. Liles is a three-time state qualifier.
The Panthers lost five dual matches to Campus 65-12, Goddard 71-3, Liberal 48-26, Maize 49-24 and Goddard Eisenhower 36-30.
Panther Christian Rivas (160) defeated wrestlers from Campus and Liberal. Eric Vazquez (126). Braxton Schooler (145), Keegan Bowman (170) and Jose Batres (182) each earned one victory.
“It was a frustrating week as a coach,” said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. “We told the kids we wanted to win more matches, but our kids struggled. Between injuries and sickness, we wrestled all our duals with three-to-five open weights. It’s very hard to win as a team with that many opens. We’re hoping to get everyone back for the Hays dual Thursday to gain momentum as we head into regionals.”  
106—Rhea, C, pinned Natalie Garza, GB, 3:31; 113—Dryden, C, pinned Skylar Burkas, GB, 0:46; 120—Apsley, C, forfeit; 126—Bentley, C, pinned Eric Vazquez, GB, 4:25; 132—Cody Liles, GB, pinned Bailey Apsely, C, 1:33; 138—Bowen, C, def. Jacob Hanrahan, GB, 16-1; 145—Black, C, pinned Braxton Schooler, GB, 1:14; 152—Blake Dickey, C, forfeit; 160—Christian Rivas, GB, pinned Williams, C, 2:39; 170—Bray, C, def. Keegan Bowman, GB, 4-2; 182—Bowen, C, def. Joze Batres, GB, 7-2; 195—Duran, C, pinned Blake Ridgel, GB, 2:41; 220—Kimber, C, forfeit; 285—Samson, C, forfeit
106—Glpinned, G, def. Garza, GB, 16-0; 113—Pirl, G, pinned Burkas, GB, 0:08; 120—Spexarth, G, forfeit; 126—Bowen, G, pinned Vazquez, GB, 0:31; 132—Liles, GB, def. Glpinned def., G, 5-4; 138—Atkins, G, pinned Hanrahan, GB, 0:39; 145—Frame, G, pinned Schooler, GB, 0:19; 152—Lopez, G, forfeit; 160—Fisher, G, def. Rivas, GB, 7-0; 170—Parks, G, def. Bowman, GB, 6-4; 182—Andres, G, pinned Batres, GB, 0:27; 195—Driskill, G, forfeit; 220—Atkins, G, forfeit; 285—Holloman, G, forfeit
106—Luis Guereca, Lib, pinned Garza, GB, 3:36; 113—Adrian Orozco, Lib, forfeit; 120—Lopez, Lib, def. Burkas, GB, 5-0; 126—Vazquez, GB, pinned Alex Chim, Lib, 4:52; 132—Liles, GB, def. Yancey, Lib, 11-1; 138—Peralta, Lib, pinned  Hanrahan, GB, 0:51; 145—Fitchner, Lib, def. Schooler, GB, 13-6; 152—Martinez, Lib, forfeit; 160—Rivas, GB, def. Garcia, Lib, 15-3; 170—Bowman, GB, forfeit; 182—Boman, Lib, pinned Batres, GB, 1:35; 195—Ridgel, GB, forfeit; 220—Emery, Lib, forfeit; 285—Elwin Trejo, Lib, forfeit
106—Garza, GB, forfeit; 113—Ledesma, Maize, pinned Burkas, GB, 3:24; 120—Campbell, Maize, forfeit; 126—Watkins, Maize, def. Vazquez, GB, 3-2; 132—Liles, GB, pinned Grantham, Maize, 3:05; 138—Schartz, Maize, def. Hanrahan, GB, 17-9; 145—Schooler, GB, pinned Davis, Maize, 5:18; 152—Fitzmier , Maize, forfeit; 160—Rivas, GB, forfeit; 170—Moon, Maize, pinned Bowman, GB, 1:50; 182—Wunsch, Maize, pinned Batres, GB, 3:52; 195—Hughbanks, Maize, pinned Ridgel, GB, 0:51; 285—Riggs, Maize, forfeit
106—Doud, GE, pinned Garza, GB, 0:36; 113—Reed, GE, pinned Burkas, GB, 0:37; 120—Holmgren, GE, forfeit; 126—Vazquez, GB, forfeit; 132—Liles, GB, forfeit; 138—Hanrahan, GB, def. Macaluso, GE, 5-3; 145—Blubaugh, GE, pinned Schooler, GB, 0:53; 152—Dwornicki, GE, forfeit; 160—Ellingson, GE, def. Rivas, GB, 5-0; 170—Bowman, GB, def. Martinez, GE, 7-5; 182—Batres, GB, pinned def. Jones , GE, 4:18; 195—Ridgel, GB, forfeit; 285—Stuart Habbart, GE, forfeit