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Panthers earn eight state berths

VALLEY CENTER — Great Bend’s wrestlers earned eight state berths led by third-place finishers Drew Liles (37-7, 113), Carsyn Schooler (17-9, 120), and George Weber (39-9, 132). Gage Fritz (32-8, 152) placed fourth. The Panthers qualified for the 5A state wrestling tournament at Park City Feb. 23-24.
The four Panthers top four finishers all in the 5A semifinals. No. 3 ranked Liles placed third with an 8-3 victory over Emporia’s Levi Buckridge after losing 3-0 semifinal to Goddard’s No. 2 ranked Lucas Glover 3-0.
Carsyn Schooler placed third with a 3-2 overtime victory over Wichita Carroll’s Colton Ensz. Weber pinned Valley Center’s Eli Clouse (3:47) after losing 5-2 in the semifinals to Maize’s No. 1 ranked Aidan Campbell. Fritz lost a hard-fought 5-4 semifinal to Maize’s No. 2 ranked DeWayne Villapando and lost 6-4 for third place to Emporia’s No. 5 ranked Hunter Williams.
Eighth-place finisher Braxton Schooler (20-20, 138), 7th-place finisher Alex Randolph (28-16, 145), 6th-place finisher Jacob Meeks (17-15, 182) and 6th-place finisher Jeffrey Spragis (21-19, 160) earned their trips to the state tournament in the consolation rounds. Schooler, Randolph, Spragis and Meeks all won three matches.
TEAM SCORES—1—Goddard 238.5; 2—Valley Center 195.5; 3—Maize High 173; 4—Emporia 132; 5—Newton 120; 6—Wichita Carroll 111.5; 7—Great Bend 110; Wichita Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 110; 9—Goddard Eisenhower 93.5; 10—Salina Central 81.5; 11—Liberal 72; 12—Wichita Heights 65.5; 13—Salina South 54; 14—Andover 51; 14—Maize South 27; 16—Topeka West 15
106—Brantley Baldwin, GB (14-21); Blick, Andover def. Baldwin, GB, 7-3; Baldwin def. Moore, Emporia, 9-3; Garza, Eisenhower pinned Baldwin, 1:21
113—Drew Liles, GB (37-7); Liles pinned Blick, Andover, 3:20; Liles def. Phipps, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel, 16-0; Glover, Goddard def. Liles, 3-0; Liles pinned Craig, VC, 0:50; 3RD—Liles def. Buckridge, Emporia, 8-3
120—Carsyn Schooler, GB (17-9); Schooler pinned O’Reilly, Maize South, 4:43; Schooler def. Ensz, WCarroll, 11-3; Doud, Eisenhower def. Schooler, 11-8; Scooler def. Mock, Newton, 3-2; 3RD—Schooler def. Ensz, WCarroll, 3-2, OT
126—Skylar Burkes, GB (20-20); Burkes def. Llamas, Newton, 4-2; Fisher, Goddard def. Burkes, 15-0; McMahon, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel def. Burkes, 8-1
132—George Weber, GB (39-9); Weber pinned Stagner, Eisenhower, 1:51; Weber pinned Clouse, Valley Center, 1:52; Campbell, Maize High def. Weber, 5-2; Weber def. Roberson, Newton, 3-0; 3RD—Weber pinned Clouse, VC, 3:47
138—Braxton Schooler, GB (20-20); Schooler pinned Garcia, Emporia, 1:00; Vogan, Salina South pinned Schooler, 0:57; Schooler def. Renner, Eisenhower, 2-1; Morrell, WCarroll pinned Schooler, 1:15; 7TH—Levi Sutton, Salina Central def. Schooler, 6-3
145—Alex Randolph, GB (28-16); Randolph pinned Letowski, Maize South, 0:43; Gilkey, WHeights def. Randolph, 19-4; Randolph pinned Chard, Salina Central, 1:51; Trail, WCarroll def. Randolph, 9-3; 7TH—Ranoldph pinned Derrek Sherwood, Salina South, 4:58
152—Gage Fritz, GB (32-8); Fritz def. Klassen, Salina South, 22-7; Fritz pinned True, Salina Central, 5:41; Villapando, Maize def. Fritz, 5-4; Fritz def. McGlachlin, WCarroll, 7-2; 3RD—Hunter Williams, Emporia def. Fritz, 6-4
160—Jeffrey Spragis, GB (21-19); Orange, WHeights def. Spragis, 6-2; Spragis def. Bomgardner, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel, 9-3; Spragis def. Dugan, WCarroll, 7-6; Spragis def. Randles, Topeka West, 9-2; Harper, Newton def. Spragis, 5-0; 5TH—Courtez Orange, WHeights def. Spragis, 7-6
170—Eli Witte, GB (13-23); Schmelze, Topeka West def. Witte, 7-5; Cusick, Newton def. Witte, 6-2
182—Jacob Meeks, GB (17-15); Meeks pinned Henrie, Andover, 1:05; Andres, Goddard pinned Meeks, 1:15; Meeks pinned Miller, Newton, 4:42; Meeks def. Bliss, Eisenhower, 3-0; Moarrez, Liberal def. Meeks, 14-7; 5TH—Drew Baker, Emporia def. Meeks, 13-8
195—Ever Chavez, GB (11-20); Scott, WHeights pinned Chavez, 0:54; Chavez def Rader, Eisenhower, 4-2; Phelps, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel pinned Chavez, 2:14
220—Andrew Wettengel, GB (4-26); Wilson, Andover pinned Wettengel, 1:51; Bates, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel def. Wettengel, 10-6
285—Barrett Lutt, GB (6-21); Leek, Emporia pinned Lutt, 2:29; Depperschmidt, WHeights pinned Lutt, 0:48
106—1—Henschel, Goddard; 2—DeMoss, Maize South; 3—Camacho, Maize; 4—Steiner, Kapaun
113—1—Treaster, Newton; 2—Glover, Goddard; 3—Liles, GB; 4—Buckridge, Emporia
120—1—Spangler, Kapaun; 2—Doud, Eisenhower; 3—Schooler, GB; 4—Ensz, Carroll
126—1—Turkali, VC; 2—Burgoon, Salina Central; 3—Fisher, Goddard; 4—Butcher, Eisenhower
132—1—Camobell, Maize; 2—Sandoval, Emporia; 3—Weber, GB; 4—Clouse, VC
138—1—Gomez, VC; 2—Ongwugbufor, Maize; 3—Vogan, Salina South; 4—Atskins, Goddard
145—1—Craine, Goddard; 2—Gilkey, WHeights; 3—Boone, BVC; 4—Williams, Emporia
152—1—Villapando, Maize; 2—Dopps, Goddard; 3—Williams, Emporia; 4—Fritz, GB
160—1—Lange, Goddard; 2—Gumeringer, Andover; 3—Daldago, Emporia; 4—Harper, Newton
170—1—Fisher, Goddard; 2—Boone, VC; 3—Mills, Kapaun; 4—Fitzmier, Maize
182—1—Haas, Maize; 2—Andres, Goddard; 3—Peters, Salina Central; 4—Monarrez, Liberal
195—1—Henderickson, Newton; 2—Bockover, Carroll; 3—Scott, WHeights; 4—Atkins, Goddard
220—1—Quiggle, Maize; 2—Willert, Goddard; 3—Gautshi, Newton; 4—Flax, Eisenhower
285—1—Caldwell, VC; 2—Trejo, Liberal; 3—Lowe, Kapaun; 4—Morrow, Salina Central



106—Quentin Boxberger, H (16-14); Boxberger pinned Reed, Minneapolis, 5:05; Baldwin, Russell def. Baldwin 19-4

113—Nicholas Rubio, H (14-13); Rubio pinned Sayles, Salina St. John’s, 3:14; Roth, Minneapolis pinned Rubio, 0:59

120—Cole Steinert, (16-11), Steinert def. Escobar, Chaparral, 8-6; Harris, Beloit pinned Steinert, 0:46

126—Shives, H (7-16), Emmot, Beloit def. Shives, 8-3; Shives vs. Bergman, Salina St. John’s

132—Hunter Morris, H (7-13); Morris def. Gassman, Garden Plain, 17-8; Filinger, Belleville def. Morris, 4-2; Morris vs. Powers, Russell

138—Tanner Cassity, H (33-3); Cassity pinned Teage, Cheney, 1:45; Cassity pinned Conrad, Smith Center, 1:25; FIRST—Cassity vs. Hauck, Minneapolis

145—Dayne Yott, H (22-19); Yott pinned Harrington, Ell-Saline, 2:23; Escobar, Chaparral pinned Yott, 4:39

152—Christopher Ball, H (39-1); Ball pinned Shoa, Salina St. John’s, 0:13; Ball pinned Rieke, Belleville, 0:11; Ball def. Kuder, Minneapolis, 13-0; FIRST—Ball vs. Hutchinson, Smith Center

160—Joshua Ball, H (35-4); Ball pinned Hopkins, Ell-Saline, 0:31; Ball pinned Muller, Chaparral, 0:58; Ball pinned Conn, Beloit, 3:18; FIRST—Ball vs. Wilton, Bennington

170—Sean Urban, H (36-1); Urban pinned Black, Cheney, 1:02; Urban def. Schneider, Ellsworth, 6-0; FIRST—Urban vs. Burks, Beloit

182—Wyatt Pedigo, H (33-3); Pedigo pinned Beeson, Belleville, 1:50; Pedigo pinned Topel, Smith Center, 2:27; FIRST—Pedigo vs. Villapando, Minneapolis

195—Jason Bradley, H (9-20); Paul, Beloit pinned Bradley, 1:03; Bradley vs. Marinhagen, Lincoln

220—Zach Rubio, H (10-14); Rodriguez, Salina St. John’s pinned Rubio, 2:14; Rubio vs. White, Ell-Saline

285—Riley Philborn, H (16-15); Philborn pinned Hopkins, Ell-Saline; Kisner, Salina St. John’s def. Philborn, 2-1



106—Anthony Quintana, L (7-13); Moore, Nickerson pinned Quintana, 4:00; Kretzer, McPherson vs. Quintana

113—Corbin Weers, L (7-14); Stroda, Abilene pinned Weers, 1:23; Weers vs. Stoecklein, Clay Center

120—Michael Saenz, L (27-10); Saenz def. Wiggins, Buhler, 14-7; Henderson, Chapman pinned Saenz, 2:28

126—Samajay Alboyd, L (17-16); Sadowski, El Dorado def. Alboyd, 15-2

132—Braydon Lemuz, L (28-13); Elliott, Buhler def. Lemuz, 8-2

145—Hunter Fitzpatrick, L (33-8); Fitzpatrick def. Wuthnow, Abilene, 16-2; Fitzpatrick pinned Casper, Hays, 5:10; FIRST—Fitzpatrick vs. Capp, Marysville

152—Ethan Flock, L (20-17); Flock pinned Edwards, Nickerson, 2:19; Johnson, Buhler pinned Flock, 1:13; Flock vs. Mauch, Smoky Valley

160—Nathaniel Pfortmiller, L (0-8); Hopp, SV pinned Pfortmiller, 1:09

182—Caleb East, L (13-9); Champoux, Marysville pinned East, 1:13; East vs. Moore, Circle

220—Josh Kramer, L (18-16); Beaumont, Concordia def. Kramer, 4-2; Kramer vs. Malm, SV

285—Jeremiah Slattery, L (26-8); Slattery pinned Hensley, Abilene, 5:01; Schulte, Hays pinned Slattery, 5:03