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Great Bend Pilot Club 33 years of volunteerism in our community
COURTESY PHOTO Pictured left to right are visiting Heartland Governor Shelia Evans, Ruth Ann Friedrich, 2020-2021 club ambassador Barbara Watson, Ros Neeland, Marilyn Kopke, Betty Schneider, Behind The Camera Duel Club ambassador Daniel Watson, and President Rhonda Knudson.
COURTESY PHOTO Pilot Club of Great Bend charter member Nancy Sundahl is pictured with the 10 full cinch bags given to Barton County Emergency Aid from our Do More Care More – Hope for the Homeless project. The bags were made in the homes of members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A proclamation signed by Mayor Cody Schmidt proclaimed Oct. 18–Oct. 24, as Pilot International Founders Week. Pilot International Founders Week, recognizes the achievements and contributions of this worldwide organization and the local Pilot club in their promotion and awareness for injury prevention and care for those in need, by fostering volunteerism.   

Pilot International was founded in Macon, Ga., in October 1921, when a group of civic-minded business leaders established an international service organization. It is the period of flappers, and women had just achieved the vote, and this group of women as founding members of Pilot International combined their diverse talents in “friendship and service” to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the world. 

Today’s members are both women and men who strive to further the organization’s humanitarian efforts through scholarships and grants to support research, education and community caregiving programs, in fields committed to brain safety and health and supporting those who care for others. Pilot international has been true to its mission to serve communities throughout the world for almost 100 years and the Pilot Club of Great Bend has served our community for more than 33 years.

Dec. 6, 1987, under the sponsorship of Pilot Club of Pratt, the Pilot Club of Great Bend was chartered and at the end of the first year, the membership stood at 30 active members. The word Pilot means “to lead or guide” and the original 30 women members pledged to steer that “True Course Ever” in a commitment to the community with service in the areas of brain safety and health and supporting those who care for others.

Locally, Founders Week will be recognized by Make a Difference Day on Oct. 24, and Pilot club of Great Bend and thousands of other like-minded volunteers across the country promote the idea of volunteering as a positive way to impact one’s community. So, this National Day of Doing Good allows through the clubs everyday actions a way to improve the lives of others through community-driven service projects and individual acts of kindness.

Volunteerism is Pilot and a part of Pilot principles. Even during this time of Pandemic simple acts of kindness daily advances the idea of individuals making a difference that can impact a community numerous ways.