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Hejny reunion
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The Hejny reunion was held June 2 at the Great Bend Senior Center. 

Those attending were: Luelma Hejny, AlJoe Wallace, Janis Link, Emma Link, Don and Roberta Hejny, Richard and Helen Arkermann, Breanna Elling, Tosha and Emmett Alexander, Leonard and Luanne French, Ron and Jessica Brooks and Austin and Eli, Michelle Shupe, Jesse, Melanie, Adam and Adison Hoch, Eugene E. Finsh Jr. - Nuni, Katie Finch, Leroy Weathers, Rita Hejny, Gene and Teresa Finch, Daniel Hejny and Teri Condrey J.D. Hejny, Copper Hejny, Holt Hejny, Max and Alice Copple, Matt and Allison Ford and Libby, DC Rea Tim and Janette VanDeren and Aiden, Jacob and Brenton VanDeren, George Bosley, Paige Morgan and Isaih Retruck, Howard and Gina Cartmill, Heather, Jaeden and George Cartmill, Mel and Ellen Richter, Linda Richter, Alexis Satterfield, Makayla Satterfield, Charles Satterfield, Robert Hejny George and Dixie Hejny.