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Have You Seen This? Blowing out birthday candles is hard
This kid is frustrated, but he's determined and that's all that matters. - photo by John Clyde

CAKE TOWN Birthdays can be rough.

You tend to have certain expectations that are never met, something inevitably goes wrong and there is a lot of pressure when all of the attention is on you. It's even tougher when you can't figure out how to blow out the pesky birthday candles so you can enjoy your cake.

This little dude is feeling the pressure.

This kiddo is turning 2 in the video, but since it's from 2013, I'm guessing he's no longer 2, but I'm not a doctor so I can't say for sure. All this little guy wants is his cake, but it's currently on fire and it's tough to take a bite when the threat of serious injury is staring you in the face. The kid is trying his best to blow out the candle, but he just can't seem to do it. In his defense, it can be tricky, especially when you have cake on the brain. How do you think clearly when you have baked goods covered in frosting right in front of your face?

Regardless, this boy gets so frustrated that he even tries to take a bite with the candle still lit. He abandons the idea when his parents panic, but he continues to ignore the happy birthday song and keeps trying. His determination is commendable and it eventually pays off.

Let's learn from this birthday boy and never give up and always try to get your teeth into that cake.