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Now is the time!
Marsh Musings
Double Crested Courmorant
Franklins Gulls

Right now crappie are the best ticket in town! I went to Woodward, Okla. to fish with a young man that I have known for lots of years. He is a talented artist, has a great family, and can catch fish out of a teaspoon. It was the first opportunity I have had to spend some time with him. It was a wonderful trip and a great time. I learned a new way to fish for crappie, got my stringer tangled around my feet, and wet the inside of my waders a bit when I soaked my nose. Waders come with a belt. If you snug that belt around yourself and happen to fall down, you don’t soak your feet so much. I managed to keep my cell phone and billfold dry. Of course, Tanner had me up before I could say I had fallen. Always fish with stout, kind young men that can save your bacon. He can sure cook crappie also. I brought back several packages of filets. I am eager to repeat the visit and catch more crappie or another species.

The limit for crappie in Oklahoma was funny to me. My geriatric annual license costs $55. I got my moneys worth. The limit for crappie in Kansas is 50 per day. The limit in Texas is 25. Guess what the directors in Oklahoma set for their limit? It is 37. They wanted to be halfway between Texas and Kansas and I think they did it. It’s still funny. Must be an Oklahoma thing. We have known some game wardens from Oklahoma and we are all surprised that this limit has a logical basis. Kansas did itself a big favor when they hired the fellow from Oklahoma that I am familiar with. He doesn’t read skunks or wind very well, but he has been a pillar in our world. He has ridden for the brand and has gone early and stayed late. Thanks, BJ for all you have done! Rest easy in your retirement.

Seems like everyone is catching up to me. My friend in Wyoming just retired recently. He has huge responsibilities being a grandpa to some gorgeous grandkids. Their mom just killed a spring bear which is no small feat in Wyoming — she is setting a high mark for the rest of the family with a huge elk and her sister harvested a beautiful goat. Grandpa better get on the stick. This virus thing limits contact and closeness but these families are strong and are certainly examples for the rest of us. I cherish all of them. I sure will be glad when this virus thing is over. I need a haircut around the edges.

The Bottoms are “paused” a little bit right now. There was a Ruddy Turnstone in the marsh last week but I didn’t see it. Yes, I looked for it. I think it is time for the egret invasion to start. I saw Upland Sandpipers on the fence posts north of the headquarters. Not many cattle egrets but they are starting.

Fishing is a hot topic right now. I went to Milford and fished with a friend. I cleaned almost a limit yesterday which puts me in good shape for meat in the freezer. Have you seen the prices of beef and stuff go up? If they keep printing money with no backing a bottle of milk will be $15 next year. It is a bit scary—those that don’t work for our money seem to spend it quick and easy. I’m not political — just scared for our country.

Keep your virus protection up to date and hope it ends sooner than later. Be safe my friends — be safe.


Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast.