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April Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Steven Kimbrough, Great Bend and Jessika Werner, Great Bend
Trenton Brown, Great Bend and Kelsie Keener, Great Bend
Edward Galliart, Great Bend and Angela Anderson, Great Bend
David Barth, Elinwood and Kaitlyn Ross, Ellinwood
Luke Rios, Victoria and Kristen Lucene, Russell
Steven Vasquez, Ellinwood and Tina Flick, Ellinwood
Brayden Murray, Great Bend and Samantha Dove, Great Bend
Kameron Spray, Great Bend and Rubi Torres-Rodriguez, Great Bend
Sautrnino Rodriguez, Ellinwood and Lacy Steele, Ellinwood
Brandon Gatton, Great Bend and April Lofland, Great Bend
Matthew Breit, Great Bend and Courtney Linsner, Great Bend
Michelle Roth, Great Bend and Danielle Patten, Great Bend
Cody Zeman, Hays and Jenna Lee Salem, Hudson

Divorce Filings
Jason Michael Walton vs Jasmine Blue Hunter
Amber Raine Riggs vs Steven Ray Parr
Natalie Chambers vs Gary Chambers Jr.
Traci Brackbill vs James Brackbill
Joshua Pitchford vs Melissa Pitchford