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Arctic foxes born at zoo
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Eight new animals arrived at the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo on May 24, surprising even the zookeepers. Arctic fox couple Todd and Vixie have given birth to their first litter.
“They’re doing really well for first-time parents,” Zookeeper Stacie Hayes said.
The kits and their parents were moved from the public display to the quarantine area so they could have some privacy. Vixie was understandably nervous about people coming by their outdoor exhibit to gawk. No date has been set for their public debut.
Even the zoo staff have been respecting the foxes’ privacy, so a clear family photo wasn’t available at press time. Zoo Director Nicole Benz shared a snapshot from her cell phone; it revealed that unlike the parents, who have snowy white fur coats, the kits have dark fur. Their eyes aren’t open yet, but they are starting to move around and appear to be in good health.
Male and female foxes share parenting duties, Benz said. “When Vixie goes to eat, Todd sits with the babies. He protects them.”
Once the foxes move back into their public display, it is unclear how long they will be at the zoo.