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Arnberger co-chairs Kansas Future Caucus
Representative Tory Arnberger (R-Great Bend)

In the spirit of post-partisan bridge building, the Kansas Legislature’s Future Caucus announced a bipartisan pair of co-chairs Representative Rui Xu (D-Westwood) and Representative Tory Arnberger (R-Great Bend). Under their leadership, the Future Caucus will focus on issues of high importance to Millennials and future generations, including higher education affordability and workforce development.

The Kansas Future Caucus is comprised of state legislators, ages 40 and under, from across the political spectrum. Caucus members work together to develop innovative post-partisan solutions to issues disproportionately affecting young people across the state.

“We’ve heard from many constituents that they are tired of politicians not working across the aisle,” Rep. Arnberger said. “The Kansas Future Caucus is taking on that task of breaking the status quo and will introduce and support legislation from members of both parties. We have a strong board and I am ready to work together as a caucus to find ways to benefit younger Kansans.”

“Politics has a reputation for dysfunction and gridlock and we, the Kansas Future Caucus, aim to show the state and the country what political collaboration truly looks like,” said Rep. Xu. “I’m proud to co-chair this endeavor and am excited to work with the caucus on solutions that younger Kansans are facing.”

Republican Representative Hoheisel and Democratic Representative Woodard will serve as co-vice-chairs.

The Kansas Future Caucus’ first meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13. To learn more about the Millennial Action Project online, visit