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Asphalt mix bid OKed by commission
Long winter tough on roads
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Barton County’s asphalt plant produces a portion of the asphalt needed for road maintenance, and the county has for several years contracted with an outside vendor to provide product as well.

Paving the way for the start of 2019 summer county road resurfacing projects, the Barton County Commission Monday morning approved the bid from Venture Corporation of Great Bend for $7.91 per ton for cold-mix asphalt. Venture provided the only bid.

The bid calls for the mixing approximately 25,000 tons of cold mix asphalt material, utilizing aggregate and asphalt oil supplied by the county. The total cost of the job is $197,750.

Using County specifications, the contractor will be required to mix asphalt at the county pit on South Washington in Great Bend. This was the only bid and is up eight cents from 2018. 

Darren Willliams, County Works Director said this cold mix complements the mixture county crews will produce using the county’s asphalt plant. 

The plans call for this cold-mix to be used for 35 miles of overlay this summer, he said. It will be applied in a layer of between three-quarters to an inch thick.

“It’s been a long winter,” Williams. His staff is ready to get to work.

This long winter has taken its toll on county roads as well, he said. Freezing, thawing and snow-removal efforts have left their mark, and some patching has already been taking place.

“I’m pretty proud of you guys,” Commissioner Don Davis said. County roads are in better shape than state highways, thanks to Road and Bridge Department efforts.

The county purchased its asphalt plant in 1987. In the beginning, this facility produced all the asphalt the county needed.

In an effort to extend its life, the county started contracting for a portion of the cold mix from outside vendors. Venture has been the only company that has expressed any interest in the job and has done it for several years.

Zoning changes in the works 

Barton County Commission meeting at a glance:

Here is a quick look at what the Barton County Commission did Monday morning:

• Learned the Barton County Planning Commission is working on zoning updates. Environmental Manager Judy Goreham said  the details will be released after a public hearing yet to be announced.

One change would allow county residents to apply for conditional-use permits that would to use their properties for events. 

• Renamed Mary Ann Stoskopf, Billie Bonomo and James Welch to the Barton County Planning Commission for uncompensated three-year terms. Kyle Krier was picked to fill a vacancy terming in 2020. 

Now, six of the nine members represent unincorporated areas of the county and three live in cities, meeting the requirement that at least five are from rural areas.

A lot of the Planning Commission members have been involved for a long time, Goreham said. It is nice to see new folks like Krier showing an interest.

The focus of the Planning Commission is to plan for the proper growth and development of Barton County through the enactment of planning and zoning laws for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. Although all applicants must reside in Barton County, the majority of members must be from the unincorporated area.

• Approved a proclamation recognizing the Central Plains High School boys basketball team on its 1A state championship. The CPHS girls basketball team also captured the state title and that team will be honored April 1.

• Approved sponsoring the Great Bend Jobfest for $500. The commission has traditionally given this amount. JobFest is planned for Thursday, April 25, at the Great Bend Event Center, 3111 10th, Great Bend.

• Approved the cold-mix asphalt bid for 2019 from Venture Corporation. It provided the only bid at $7.91 per ton, an eight cent increase from 2018. The bid called for the mixing of approximately 25,000 tons of cold mix asphalt material, with the county furnishing all aggregate and asphalt oil. Using County specifications, the contractor will be required to mix asphalt at the County pit on South Washington, Great Bend.

• Approved a household hazardous waste operating plan and permit for a new HHW building constructed at the Barton County Landfill, built in the summer of 2018 to better serve the public through the recycling program. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment required the HHW permit and operating plan to be updated to include changes to the program in relation to the new building. The updated operating plan has been reviewed and approved by KDHE and a new permit issued, said Solid Waste Director Phil Hathcock.

• Approved the purchase of a used John Deere backhoe at a cost of $13,000 through a government surplus program for the landfill. Operations at the landfill occasionally require the use of a backhoe or excavator. Landfill staff have historically solicited assistance from the Road and Bridge Department or leased equipment as needed, Hathcock said.

• Approved a resolution transferring and carrying over 2018 unexpended funds to the capital improvement and equipment replacement funds. After accounting of all 2018 transactions, money are suggested for transfer, Finance Officer Matt Patzner said.