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August 2018 Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage licenses

Edgardo Bautista Jr. Centennial, Colo. and Yahaira Martinez-Mendoza, Great Bend

Brigette N. Barker, Great Bend and Corey Akers-Hartman, Great Bend

Josue Carrasco, Grand Junction, Colo. and Selena Maria Fletcher, Great Bend

Brock L. Newell, Great Bend and Stormy Morrison, Great Bend

Jerry R. Hamby, Ellinwood and Kimberly A. Werner, Ellinwood

Chanka Mangroo, Great Bend and Tara Proctor, Great Bend

Jose Gonzalez, Great Bend and Alma Montelongo, Great Bend

Juan Santacruz, Mexico and Maria Cortez, Mexico

Mark Duntz, Pawnee Rock and Heather Simmons, Pawnee Rock

Jacobo Mercado, Fort Worth, Texas and Daisy Delgadillo, Great Bend

Acacio Villarreal, Great Bend and Maricala Garcia, Great Bend

Jesus Villanueva, St. John and Minerva Garcia, St. John

Divorce filings

Kimberly Clark vs Jeffrey Clark

RachelLynn McCluskey vs Steven McCluskey

Stacie Rupp vs Michael Huskey

Jana Rae Miessler vs Timothy Leroy Miessler

Austin Riley vs Angel Rhea-Dawn Clark

Natasha Beneke vs Jarod Beneke

Justin Kelly vs Courtney Kelly

Lisa Baker vs Gregory Baker Jr.

Michael Joiner vs Ruth Joiner

Nancy Woodrow vs Michael Woodrow