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August Marriage Licenses
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Nicolas Alan Taylor, Great Bend and Leslie Lynn Lindberg, Great Bend
Deric Michael Jean, Great Bend and Cassandra Marie Thornton, Great Bend
Neil Joseph Zink, Claflin and Renee Lynn Jacobs, Claflin
Dwight Jacob Schissler, Hutchinson and Nancy Sue Feist, Claflin
Garrett Lee Glynn, Great Bend and Kelsey Ann Bartel, Great Bend
Harlan Norbert Stoss, Olmitz and Dianna Louise Zeretzke, Olmitz
Christopher David Wyatt, Lindsborg and Amanda Sue Wilson, Great Bend
Kerry Guy Tawater, Great Bend and Mary Ann Mead, Great Bend
Kyle Alan Goble, Great Bend and Kilee Ann Smith, Great Bend
Angel Adrian Armendariz, Great Bend and Karla Roicio Contreras, Great Bend
Scott Dale Gustavo Delgadillo, Great Bend and Danielle Marie Tatman, Great Bend
Fredrick James Silas McNett, Great Bend and Tia Shawntae Casteneda, Great Bend
Gregory John Garner, Great Bend and Jean Marie Welch, Ellinwood
Jeff Lee Brown, Great Bend and Sarah Christine Ryser, Great Bend
Travis Paul Burhenn, Hoisington and April Dawn Oetken, Hoisington
Matthew Todd Yohn, Great Bend and Samantha Jo Waterhouse, Great Bend
Oscar Portillo, St. John and Maria Del Socorro Quinonez-Chavez, St. John
Adrian Huitron, Great Bend and Stephany Michael Montoya, Great Bend
Kelly Jo Wheeler, Pawnee Rock and Rhonda Joan Eslinger, Pawnee Rock
Rito Andres Vasquez, Great Bend and Mayra Alejandra Lopez, Great Bend
Paul Joel Schreiber, Claflin and Melanie Kay Soukup, Claflin
Christopher Travis Stromski, Ellinwood and Sarah Joy Headley, Ellinwood
Leland Ray Karpe, Great Bend and Shauan Marie Sample, Great Bend
Clinton Waye Rogers, Great Bend and Julie Ann Cornick, Great Bend
Kirk Allen Zecha, Great Bend and Jill Marie Zecha, Great Bend
John Harold Wiggins, Great Bend and Karen Louise Greene, Great Bend
Lawrence LeRoy Harmon, Hoisington and Victoria Lynn Chambers, Hoisington
Brian Joseph Bellendir, Great Bend and Carol Jean Howard, Kansas City
Allen Dale Ater, Great Bend and Lindsey Ann Jacobson, Great Bend
Roy Eric Dandy, Great Bend and Christina Marie Fitzpatrick, Great Bend