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Autopsy scheduled Wednesday in Kansas City for Robert Standish
The vault and casket containing the body of Robert Standish are exhumed by City of Larned workers Tuesday at the Larned Cemetery. An autopsy is scheduled Wednesday, Nov. 25 in Kansas City. Mr. Standish, 70, died at his Stafford County home on Oct. 13.

LARNED — An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 25 in Kansas City for Stafford County resident Robert Standish, according to Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellinder. Standish’s body was exhumed Tuesday morning from the Larned Cemetery. A probe into Standish’s death began in late October and is ongoing, authorities said.

Standish, 70, died at his Stafford County home on Oct. 13. A graveside service was held Oct. 17 in the Larned Cemetery.

The Barton County Sheriff’s Office has been requested by the Stafford County Sheriff’s office to assist in the investigation into Standish’s death. Bellendir said there has been no official ruling in the cause of death. He added that the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has been made aware of the situation.

“Determining the cause of death is standard procedure and that’s why an autopsy is being conducted on Mr. Standish,” Bellinder said.