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Barton Board of Trustees elects officers for 2022
Mike Johnson

The Barton Community College Board of Trustees elected officers for the year at its first business meeting of 2022 on Jan. 25. Mike Johnson will continue to serve as chairman and as the board’s representative on the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees.

Gary Burke will serve as vice-chairman, John Moshier as secretary, and BCC Vice President of Administration Mark Dean is the board treasurer.

COVID on campus

During a report on the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Kansas, Dean said Barton is also experiencing an increase in cases. In one seven-person department, they recently had four people out due to COVID or exposure.

“We hope the numbers will start going down soon,” he said.

Johnson noted that this isn’t unique to Barton. “All the institutions are seeing significant increases, in faculty, staff and students.”

Asked what percentage of faculty and staff have received the COVID-19 vaccine, Dean said he doesn’t know. “We don't ask people if they’ve had shots.” However, he added, “a large number of the students are vaccinated. Part of that has to do with the travel requirements that students have.”

Barton President Dr. Carl Heilman commented on the situation, saying, “I think we’ve been fortunate so far.”

Personnel, other business

The board approved hiring three employees on the Barton County campus. Maria Tepezano was hired as a custodian, Jonathan Mariani was hired as an admissions representative, and Diana Muth-Tammen was hired as an instructor of adult health care, a contract position.

In other business, the board approved revisions to the Policy Governance Manual. The board also approved the closure of a certificate/degree program in Corrections, as discussed earlier this month at a board study session. Vice President Elaine Simmons said the program being closed was created to provide training to anyone wanting to work in the Corrections field. This should not be confused with the education that the college provides to inmates at the Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility and Ellsworth Correctional Facility. The college still provides classes to inmates.