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Barton County election filings listed
Election to include several local, county races
election filing pic
Barton County voters will head to the polls later this year to vote in several local elections. The filing deadline was noon Monday. - photo by Tribune file photo

Noon Monday was the deadline to file for the Nov. 5, general election. Below are the filings as listed on the Barton County Clerk’s website.

The ballot will include a number of elections. These are city, school board, Barton Community College, Ellinwood Hospital District and Cottonwood Extension District No. 17 races.

There will be no need for local primaries. The top vote getters will claim the seat (if there is one opening) or seats (if there is more than one). 

But, if no one filed, the position would go to a write-in candidate. If there is no write-in, the governing body will make an appointment.

Filings include: 

• Great Bend

Mayor: Rachel Mawhirter, Randolph S. Myers and Brock R. McPherson

Council member 1st Ward, elect 1: Alan Moeder

Council member 2nd Ward, elect 1: Jolene Biggs

Council member 3rd Ward: Elect 1: Cory Urban

Council member 4th Ward Elect 1: No filings

• Hoisington

Mayor: Dalton Popp

Council member 1st Ward, Elect 1: Becky Lee Steiner

Council member 2nd Ward, Elect 1: Darren Reinert

Council member 3rd Ward, Elect 1: James Morris

Council member 4th Ward, Elect 1: Christina Smith and Robert Bruce

• Ellinwood

Mayor: Irlan Fullbright

Council member, elect two: Jon L. Prescott and Steve Oelke

• Claflin

Mayor: Mike Urban

Council member, elect two: Dan R. Michaelis and Casey Hubbard

• Albert

Mayor Elect 1 No Filings

Council member, elect five: No filings

• Galatia

Mayor: No filings

Council member, elect five: No filings

• Olmitz

Mayor: No filings

Councilmember, elect two: No filings

• Pawnee Rock

Mayor: Terry A. Mead and Linda C. McCowan Waite

Council member, elect two: Debora Bader, Christien Mead and Lakin Dill

• Susank

Mayor elect 1 No Filings

Councilmember, elect five: No filings

• Unified School District 428

Board member, elct four: Susan Young, Chris Umphres, Lori Reneau and Aaron Emerson

• Unified School District. 431

Board member elect four: Don L. Fisher, Dean Stoskopf, Rebeca Mooney, Jessica Ann Baze, and Maggie McCain

• Unified School District 355

Board member elect four: John Sturn, Jason C. Winget, Darren Beckwith, Michael S. Miller, Virginia Fullbright, Drew Hosman and Mark W. Batchman

Unexpired term Board Member, elect one: Whitney Asher and Linda Borror

• Barton Community College

Trustee, elect three: Gary Burke and Mike Johnson

• Ellinwood Hospital District

Trustee, elect two: Joyce Schulte and W. Diann O’Neal

• Cottonwood Extension Dist No. 17 Board, elect two: Kathie M. Rondeau and Richard W. Dougherty