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Barton Planetarium to present full-dome movies

The Barton Planetarium will feature movies utilizing the full-dome projection system this spring. The Planetarium is located in the Science Building. Enter through the sliding doors on the north side. Admission is free.
Each movie will be followed by a live presentation by Barton’s Planetarium Director Dr. Tim Folkerts. The presentations will feature a tour of the night sky, hands-on activities or actual outdoor stargazing. They will be part of series, Expanded Horizons: Current Events in Astronomy.
“These shows are a chance to expand your horizons by learning about recent news in astronomy,” Folkerts said. “Each Monday we will expand your knowledge of some hot topic in astronomy using videos, discussion and actual news stories pulled from the Internet. For one evening each week, forget about politics and sports and the economy and instead revel in the wonders of the universe.”
Shows run from 7-8 p.m. on the following dates:
April 18 – Exoplanets: Worlds Around Other Stars – Less than thirty years ago, astronomers had no proof of any planets outside our solar system. Now, they know of more than 2,000 such planets. Many are larger than Jupiter but a few are tiny. Some are closer to their star than Mercury, but a few are out farther than Pluto. Learn about some of these fascinating planets and how astronomers find these distant worlds.
April 25 – Collision: Objects That Have or Might Hit the Earth – Millions of comets, asteroids and other bits of space junk sail around our solar system constantly. Most are far from Earth and completely harmless, but some have the potential to hit Earth and cause major destruction. Learn about the dangers and what (if anything) people can do to avoid calamity.
May 2 – Discussion topic to be announced.
The Planetarium received major upgrades in the past two years including a digital projector and enhanced sound equipment. For more information, contact Folkerts at or 620-792-9320.