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Battered docks to be replaced
New structures coming to Stone and Vets lakes
dock replacement
The dock at Stone Lake (shown) and the one at Veterans Lake are soon to be replaced.

The years, wind and waves have taken their toll on the fishing docks at Nelson Stone and Veterans lakes. They will both soon be replaced.

The Great Bend City Council Monday night approved the purchase of replacements from EZ Docks of Bismarck, N.D., for a total cost of $34,299.20.

The docks were last rebuilt in 1996 and around 1999, respectively. The floats were reused at that time with the wood being replaced. Since then, both have continued to age and need total replacement, said Public Lands Director Scott Keeler. 

“Staff researched and compared the cost to rebuild both docks verse purchasing from a manufacturer,” he said. “EZ Docks were the most cost-effective, meeting Americans with Disabilities Act standards and providing the best warranty.”

In 2020, the city transferred at year end $50,000 for park maintenance. This will be tapped to cover the expense.

About the docks

The current structures consist of wooden decking with metal railings atop plastic floats, and have been battered by the elements over the years. “The 2019 wind storm really did them in,” Keeler said.

The new docks will be made of four interlocking polypropylene segments. These sit right on the water, serving as both the deck and floats.

They will be more stable and last longer, he said. And, the simple design makes for easier maintenance.

Keeler was asked if this company had done any projects in Kansas. He said it hadn’t, but has had good reviews, including from the federal agencies that have utilized the products.

The Stone Lake dock will go on the north shore where the existing dock is now. 

At Vets, however, a new location near the current site on the south side may be found to make it more ADA accessible. The current dock strained its moorings and is not tied off to the foot bridge at the south end of the lake.

As for the bridge, Keeler said that is also in need of replacement, but at 200 feet, that could cost around $99,000. He hopes to get some Federal Emergency Management Agency relief funds to help cover that, so that is on hold for now.

EZ Docks has just fired its factory back up, so the new docks should be ready in two to three months, Keeler said.

dock replacement 2
The dock at Veterans Lake is currently tied off to the foot bridge across the lake. The new dock will be located on the shore where it is more accessible.