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BCC pool updates reviewed
Johnson continues to chair BCC trustees
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Mike Johnson

Barton Community College Trustees learned Tuesday that additional improvements totaling about $5,000 were approved for the college’s swimming pool in the past year.
Dean of Administration Mark Dean said Great Bend USD 428 requested new lane ropes and buoys, with a reel to bring in the ropes. Golden Belt Swim Squad requested a new timing system.
“These two projects were approved,” Dean said.
This is in addition to the 2015 decision to replace the ceiling over the swimming pool, for $53,320, and to make other needed repairs.
The update came up during the monthly monitoring report on one of the board’s nine over-arching goals, known as ENDS. This month’s report was on contingency planning. Charles Perkins, dean of information services, said the contingency planning policy ensures the board is apprised of factors which could cause changes. The report looked at circumstances that arose over the course of 2015-2016 and the board’s reaction to those circumstances.
“It was telling how many thing were on the list,” Barton President Dr. Carl Heilman said.
In addition to the decision to make needed repairs to the pool, with increased financial participation from other entities that use it, other items mentioned in Tuesday’s report included the new Department of Labor Overtime Rule, declines in enrollment, and a decline in funding. The college also started welding and wrestling programs and made changes to its theater program.

Board elections
With a new fiscal year underway, the Barton Community College Board of Trustees held officer elections Tuesday, keeping the same slate of officers from 2015-2016.
Mike Johnson will continue as chairman, John Mosheir as vice chairman, Don Learned as secretary, Mark Dean as treasurer and Mike Johnson as the board’s representative to the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees.
The board also conducted its annual review of the Emergency Succession Plan. It was adopted in 2007 and has not changed. The plan outlines the procedures for the temporary appointment of an acting president in the event of an unplanned absence of the president of the college.