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BCC trustees consider contracts

The May 12 Barton Community College Board of Trustees meeting resulted in the renewal (or non-renewal) of faculty contracts. The board also reviewed contracts for head coaches, management staff and administrators. Those will be approved when the board meets at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26.

Here is the complete list of faculty contract renewals and non-renewals approved by the Barton Community College Board of Trustees on May 12.

Tenure track

Danika Bielek, Makenzie Coffey, Brittany Fanshier, Phillip Jacobson, Andrea Jenkins, Scott McDonald, Jeff Meyer, James Miller, Wade Morris, Luis Palacios, Heather Panning, Joshua Snodgrass, Kristin Steele and Lacy Swain.

Tenure eligible

Emily Cowles, Kurt Konda, Matt Mazouch and Laura Schlessiger. 


Jaime Abel, Randell Allen, Amanda Alliband, Kathryn Boeger, Mark Bogner, Kara Brauer, Walter Brown, Eric Bundy, Charlotte Cates, Allan Collins, Angela Davied, Dean Dexter, Karole Erikson (part-time), George Forst, Cristi Gale, Glenna Gaunt (PT), Stephannie Goerl, Joseph Harrington, Kristen Hathcock, Deanna Heier, Latoya Hill (parti-time), Abby Howe, Karla Johnston, Jill Lawson, Victor Martin, Linda McCaffery, Carol Murphy, Oleg Ravitskiy, Shannon Schreiner, Peter Solie, Melissa Stevens, Maggie Tracy, Christopher Vanderlinde, Lawrence Weber, and Rhonda Wertz.


This list includes individuals who left during the 2019-2020 academic year.

• Resignations - Scott Arthur, Sarah Bretches, Dana Weber.

• Position changes - Edward Dean, James Henderson, Stephanie Joiner, Renae Skelton.

• Retirements - Richard Abel, Kimberly Brennan, Nellene Kenyon, Vincent Orth.

• Financial Exigency - Kimberly Bradney, Gerald Butler, Angela Campbell, Gilbert Cloud, Michael Cox, Charles Davis, Alissa Duncan, Timothy Folkerts, Ron Kirmer, Kenneth Kolembe, Erin Renard, Mark Shipman, Brenda Siebold

• Non-renewed - Sara Oberle, director of choral activities

What they did

The faculty whose contracts were non-renewed for financial exigency included a number of instructors at the Fort Riley campus, with at least three teaching on the Great Bend campus. The Great Bend Tribune searched college directories and other online sources for information about what they taught.

Kimberly Bradney was an instructor in the mathematics department. According to LinkedIn she was a developmental education and online instructor at Fort Riley.

Angela Campbell teaches psychology and Kenneth Kolembe teaches mathematics, both at Fort Riley.

Mark Shipman is an instructor at the Fort Riley campus. He received the Distinguished Instructor Award for the 2018-2019 school year.

Brenda Siebold is a teacher at Fort Riley. A 2017 student commendation on Rate My Professors (RMP) listed her as an instructor in the computer science department.

Gilbert Cloud, Michael Cox, Charles Davis and Alissa Duncan teach at Fort Riley. 

A 2016 student commendation on Rate My Professors ( shows Gerald Butler taught in the physics department. His “World and Regional Geography” syllabus from 2019 also shows up on the website Course Hero. He was previously on the Faculty Council. It is unclear what campus he taught at.

Timothy Folkerts is an instructor of physics, physical sciences and astronomy at the Great Bend campus. He is also the planetarium director.

Ron Kirmer is the automotive technology instructor and coordinator.

Erin Renard is a communications and English instructor.

The trustees approved the reduction in force for financial exigency, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrators reminded them that there are many unknowns ahead. A resurgence in the virus later this year might result in salary cuts and an additional reduction in force.

Barton President Dr. Carl Heilman listed some of the financial unknowns. There is the potential that revenue won’t be received because fewer people pay their property taxes, because state aid is reduced and/or because enrollment may drop. “There are many more scenarios than we have answers for. And more to come.”

The trustees will hear the latest plan for the summer and fall when the trustees meet on May 26.

“What we’re doing right now is really unprecedented,” said Board Chairman Mike Johnson. He noted that businesses are facing the same difficult decisions, as are other colleges. “I’ve talked to college trustees across the state. They’re all doing what we’re doing. It’s heartbreaking, it’s maddening. ... We hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel but we don’t know yet.”

Barton is fortunate because the college is on good ground financially, he added.

More contracts to come

In addition to taking action at the May 12 meeting, the BCC Board of Trustees conducted a study session and reviewed the proposed list of head coach contracts, management staff contracts and administrative contracts for 2020-2021. 

The following lists are drafts that the board received. Official action on those contracts will be taken at the May 26 meeting.

Head coach contracts

• Michael Bammes – Wrestling 

• Brent Biggs – Baseball 

• Ousmane Camara – Women’s Soccer 

• Jerold Clark – Women’s Basketball 

• Craig Fletchall – Men’s Basketball 

• Tyler Gunelson – Softball 

• Douglas Kaiser – Men’s and Women’s Golf 

• Michael Perry – Men’s and Women’s Bowling 

• Jonathan Reeder – Men’s and Women’s Swimming 

• Jordan Rideout – Men’s Soccer 

• David Schenek – Track and Cross Country 

• Amanda Schnoebelen – Dance Line and Cheerleader 

• Alan Segal – Volleyball 

• Lyle Stickney – Tennis

• Michael Rose – eSports (new position) 

Management staff contracts

• Terry Barrow – Comptroller and Budget Manager

• Coleen Cape – Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

• Matthew Connell – Executive Director of Healthcare Education

• Mary Foley – Executive Director of Workforce Training and Economic Development

• Lindsay Holmes – Director of Hazardous Materials, Emergency Management, and Occupational Safety, and Health

• Julie Knoblich – Director of Human Resources

• Claudia Mather – Associate Dean of Instruction

• Terri Mebane – Director of Military Programs

• Todd Moore – Assistant Director of Athletics and Sports Information Director

• Amy Oelke – Director of Systems Integration and DBA

• Myrna Perkins – Chief Accreditation Officer and Director of Financial Aid

• ReGina Reynolds-Casper – Director of Library and College Archives

• Trevor Rolfs – Director of Athletics

• Laura Stutzman – Business Manager 

• Renae Skelton – Director of Nursing Education (new contract)

Open positions:

• Director of OSH Program and Director of Great Plains OSHA Education Center

• Executive Director of Business, Technology and Community Education

Administrative contracts

• Mark Dean – Vice President of Administration 

• Brian Howe – Dean of Academics 

• Michelle Kaiser – Chief Information Officer 

• Kathleen Kottas – Dean of Workforce Training and Community Education 

• Angela Maddy – Vice President of Student Services 

• Charles Perkins – Dean of Institutional Effectiveness 

• Elaine Simmons – Vice President of Instruction 

• Kurtis Teal – Dean of Military Academics, Technical Education and Outreach Programs