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‘Be Prepared, Not Scared’ workshop offered
Angie Joseph

The Great Bend Seventh-day Adventist Church on West Tenth Street, one mile west of Patton Road, is sponsoring a Preparedness Workshop on Saturday, April 20. These sessions are presented by Angie Joseph of Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Joseph is a sought after speaker on the subject and travels throughout the Midwest presenting these workshops. She is a trained presenter for Adventist Community Service Disaster Response. This organization is among the first responders in many disasters such as the Greensburg tornado and recent flooding in the Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa region.     

The goal of “Be Prepared, Not Scared,” as taught by Angie Joseph, is to learn simple, practical steps you can take to become better prepared. If you are ready for one thing then be ready for anything. By using a demonstration type approach you can see and have a hands-on experience with items you may need for emergencies and disasters.

The first session, “Are You Ready,”  at 11 a.m., centers on the Biblical theme of Matthew 24. After a fellowship lunch at 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Joseph will present a hands-on workshop on Disaster Preparedness. How to prepare for a disaster: what items to have available in a safe place, emergency recipes, easy food to prepare, types of shelter to have ready, types of cooking methods, and most important how to find clean water.

She will have book and app titles for additional research. In an area where we never know what the weather will do next, much of this knowledge will be extremely helpful in case of a disaster here.