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Blooming Success: Beautification Committee still working to bring color after 25 years
Main Street Flowers: Beautification Committee members gather around one of 13 planters decorated on May 1. From left: Carol Schremmer, Dorothy Piland, Janice Williams, Linda Dougherty, and June Hillman.

As part of a long-standing tradition, the Great Bend Beautification Committee gathered this past May Day to replant and decorate the 13 planters lining Great Bend’s Main Street. The Main Street flowerpots are just one of several projects within Great Bend touched by the Beautification Committee, a program of the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce since 1996. 

Each of the 13 planters along Main Street contains bubblegum petunias, a cheery favorite of the committee members, and one custom bird house. Those looking to learn more or join the volunteer committee are encouraged to contact Linda Dougherty, committee chair, by calling 620-786-5427.

Great Bend Chamber of Commerce President Megan Barfield recounts the first time she sat down to learn more about this chamber program.

“I invited Deon Lupton, a founding member of the committee, to tell me more about the history of the Beautification Committee,” Barfield said. “These ladies have worked incredibly hard over the years and they’re not doing it for the glory, simply to do their part in making Great Bend a beautiful place to live, work and play. I’m proud of this group and honored to continue supporting and promoting the work they do, spending their time organizing work days, curating beautiful landscapes and focal points for our community.”

Additional projects include the Broadway Islands, Great Bend Public Library, Great Bend Post Office and Jack Kilby Square, just to name a few. The committee is funded by the City of Great Bend and donations.