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Boor announces candidacy for City Council
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Thomas Boor

I’m Thomas Boor and I’m running for City Council to represent the 3rd Ward.
I am a Great Bend High School graduate, I served in the US Navy, I attended DeVry University and I lived in Hutchinson for 20 years before moving back to Great Bend in August of 2010.
I work for Steris Corporation as a service representative and I enjoy working with new people every day and helping them to help resolve problems. 
I volunteer as a chaplain with The Christian Motorsports International Family of Ministries.
I would like to see everyone get out and vote this election regardless of your choice.  Less than 12 percent made the effort last year and your voice does make a difference in local elections. So if you‘re tired of the same old song and dance, let’s write a new verse.
I believe when your tax dollars are spent you should have a say in that, whether it’s money for the convention center, new ball fields, money being spent to bring businesses to town, or how Great Bend is being marketed to attract people to live here or visit. Instead of voting to raise your mill levy 5 mills, I think the question should be on the ballot. I know how to ask the tough questions which sometimes don’t always get asked. I’m concerned with wage control on businesses that come to Great Bend and would not support the practice as it has been done in the past.  With the social networks and social media, the availability of information in Great Bend should be made more readily available and transparent to everyone.
I’ll continue to help promote Great Bend to foster economic growth locally, which should encourage our youth to come back to Great Bend after college or to stay. I don’t want Great Bend to be just a retirement community; I want our young people to want to live here also.
We need more in opportunities and higher wages to help with our survival and success in retaining our youth, which is our gateway to the future of Great Bend. 
I want to have the City Council meetings videotaped and put on the local channel for those that can’t make it to the meetings or don’t have access to the Internet.
I will be a voice for everyone in this city to make Great Bend prosper once again. McPherson and Ellsworth are growing and attracting new businesses, and we can do that to by actively promoting this city and recruiting better jobs.
I am asking for your vote and look forward to serving you.