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Brush Up GB bolsters curb appeal, pride
Program helps needy paint their homes
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As part of its effort to improve the community’s housing picture, Great Bend Economic Development Inc.’s Housing Task Force is ready to launch its first initiative – Brush Up Great Bend.

“This program will provide grants to enable homeowners in a lower income bracket to paint the exterior of their homes,” GBED President Sara Hayden said. It is live now and they will begin marketing it this coming week.

“This program is, of course, intended to help homeowners, but also, it has the ability to establish more community pride,” she said. “I know we’re all proud of the place we live, and this is one opportunity to show it outwardly.”

Through Brush Up, Hayden said they hope to identify critical repairs needed and assist homeowners with solutions, enhance the value and prolong the lifespan of homes, and improve the condition of houses in Great Bend neighborhoods.

This program is operated on a first-come, first-serve basis while funds are available. Priority will be given to elderly and/or disabled homeowners.

“The main goal with this program is to improve the quality of homes in Great Bend,” she said. “By enabling homeowners to improve their curb appeal we are enhancing the overall look and feel of our community.”

This is just the beginning, she said. They plan to offer incentives to developers, new homeowners and other existing property owners. “We hope to soon expand and be able to offer programs to incentivize building on in-fill lots and improve unsafe or inefficient windows/roofs, etc. with many more to follow.”

What are the requirements for Brush Up Great Bend?

• Applicants must own and have their primary residence in the property for which they are applying for assistance.

• Applicants must be current on property taxes.

• Applicants must be at or below 200% of poverty.

• Eligibility is based on household income relative to federal low-income guidelines.

Income guidelines are: Households of one, $25,760 or less; households of two, $34,840 or less; households of three, $43,920 or less; households of four, $53,000 or less; households of five, $62,080 or less; and households of six, 71,160 or less.

What is the application process?

• Applicant will turn in the completed application and proof of income.

• Staff will assess the home, take pictures and purchase paint.

• If applicant is elderly or disabled, staff will coordinate volunteers or professionals to paint the home.

• Once painting is complete, staff will assess the home and take pictures.

• All Labor must be accomplished by the homeowner unless the applicant is elderly or disabled.

• The total cost of paint and supplies cannot exceed $1,000.

Homeowners interested in applying to receive funding to paint the exterior of their home must apply through Great Bend Economic Development at There is a link that says “Apply Here.”

For more information, call GBED at 620-796-2407. 

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Shown is the Damn It, Do It Day June 12, which was an opportunity to help needy residents improve their properties. A Great Bend Economic Development Inc. initiative, Brush Up Great Bend, is an effort to continue this effort.