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Capital improvement projects under way at Barton Community College
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BCC president approves agreements

In his monthly report to the Barton Community College Board of Trustees, BCC President Dr. Heilman said he has approved education agreements with Sterling College and Great Bend High School/USD 428.
Emergency Medical Service agreements were approved with Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Reno County EMS, Salina Regional Health Center, Ellsworth County Medical Center, Pratt Regional Medical Center, Pratt County EMS, Ford County EMS, Ellsworth County EMS and Salina Fire Department.

Capital improvement projects approved by the Barton Community College Board of Trustees for Fiscal Year 2013 are under way, Dean of Administration Mark Dean told trustees this past week.
The board approved approximately $1.6 million in capital improvements, in addition to $1.8 million already budgeted for ongoing improvements, when it created the budget in July. At the board’s monthly study session last Thursday, Dean presented a time line on projects, saying not all of them will be done by June 30, 2013, the official end of the fiscal year. However, he expects most if not all of the work to be done by the send of next summer.
Improvements, with their estimated cost, include:
Shafer Gallery Floor Repair, $26,000 – Work was scheduled to be completed Saturday, Sept. 15.
Gallery wall carpet replacement, $12,000 – The carpet has been ordered. Facility Management is removing the old carpet, and installation is scheduled to occur within the next month.
Other carpet replacements have not been scheduled. Staff met with the carpet manufacturer and samples have been orders for the Administration Building, $40,000 and Kirkman Visitor Center, $45,000.
Science & Math storefront/vestibule, $80,000 – The college is securing bids for installation of storefront/vestibule on the north and south sides. Bids are due on Sept. 21. Facility Management staff will complete a portion of the work.
Backup Generator (9 yr. payback), $527,000 – BCC is working with Midwest Energy and the college’s electrical engineer on the design of the system. Once design work is done, bids will be requested.
Kirkman practice floor replacement, $185,000 – This cannot be completed until the repairs of the outside walls of the Kirkman are completed. BCC’s architect will report on what will be necessary to repair the wall and ensure drainage away from the building. Dean is also working with the architect on the Kirkman wall repair (north & west), $120,000. Survey work has been completed for the area. Facility Management staff are rerouting and repairing the foundation drains around the building. Once a plan is in place, the college will secure bids to complete the wall repair.
Welding lab – T-Bldg. (space only), $150,000 – Dean is working with the architect on the design of the facility and securing state fire marshal approval. Then BCC will secure bids to complete the shell of the facility. Facility staff will install all electrical and HVAC equipment.
Auditorium renovations, $250,000 – Dean is working with the architect and the facility committee on the design of the facility and securing state fire marshal approval. Once this is done, BCC will secure bids to complete the facility. The same applies for the auditorium’s enhanced sound system, $145,000, and enhanced lighting system, $250,000.
Athletic Office Complex remodel, $100,000 – Staff is working on a design and must determine where coaches will go during the construction.
Vehicles, $110,000 – Bids will be secured once the state contract pricing is released in early October
Parking lot replacements, $473,000 – Survey work has been completed; plans are being drawn. Bids will be secured and the plan is to start work after graduation.
Tennis Court renovation, $ 55,000 – Bids have been secured and the project has been awarded. It is scheduled to complete early October.
Science & Math roof, $100,000 – Currently not scheduled.
Dean is also working with BCC architect on the design and cost estimates for an additional student housing building, expected to cost about $4 million. Survey work has been completed, and work has been completed with Gilmore & Bell to determine financing needs for the project.