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City: Flood repairs may require building permits
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Following all of the recent rain activity and water damage, the City of Great Bend wants residents to be aware of the City’s permit and licensed contractor regulations.

Building permits are required for work done within an individual’s property, whether it is done by the property owner or by a contractor. Property owners are allowed to work on their own property with a permit. If it is a rental property the owners can do minor repairs themselves, but all major repairs and work has to be completed by a licensed contractor (this includes plumbing, electrical and mechanical).

The City requires permits to be issued for building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical. If property owners are only doing cleanup work from recent water damage and replacing what was existing, the City will not require a building permit to be issued. However, if property owners have extensive repairs to make or decide to make changes and renovate, a building permit will be required. If any of the work is structural in nature, electrical, plumbing or mechanical a permit will be required.

When residents are looking at hiring a contractor to work on their property, they need to make sure that these individuals are licensed by the City of Great Bend. The City defines a contractor as “any person, whether a resident or not of the city, who undertakes with or for another, for a fixed sum, fee, or any compensation other than wages, to build, construct, alter, repair, add to, wreck or move any building or structure, or any portion thereof, of any sidewalk, driveway, entrance or structure in any street, or any advertising sign, panel poster or billboard, or any other structure in the city for which a building or construction permit is required by this code.” The full definition is available at under Chapter 5.28.010 of the Code of Ordinance. The City of Great Bend requires contractors to be licensed and insured for the work they are doing within the City.  A list of contractors licensed with the City of Great Bend is available at under Building Inspections. However, please note that this list is constantly changing.

Residents can contact Building Inspections by calling 620-793-4106 with any questions regarding permit requirements and licensed contractors.