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Claflin city council considers community center and park maintenance
2020 budget approved
claflin city offices 2018.JPG
Claflin city offices

CLAFLIN — The Claflin city council met Monday, Aug. 12 in regular session at the Claflin city offices. Claflin City Clerk Patricia Schmidt provided unofficial minutes from that meeting. 

A budget hearing was held prior to the regular meeting. The public was notified of the proposed budget and hearing through the city’s official newspaper, the Hoisington Dispatch. There were two items on the agenda, including consideration of a proposed amendment to the 2019 budget due to unforeseen circumstances, and the consideration of the proposed 2020 budget. There was no public comment for either item, and both were unanimously approved and adopted. The regular meeting was then called to order. 

City property maintenance report

Maintenance at city properties were the focus of Mayor Mike Urban over the past month. At the community center, he signed a contract with Washington Roofing to replace the roof at the Community Center at a cost of about $69,000. For replacement of the center playground pergola, he contacted Little Giant Fittings, and asked them to also look at the pergola at the city pool. Kirmer Electric was asked to determine if the window air conditioning units at the center can be combed prior to submitting an insurance claim. The council approved the purchase of an additional 20 tables for the center. 

The city is also looking into the replacement and maintenance of recreational equipment. Nets for the basketball and tennis courts have been ordered, and a grant to resurface the tennis court is under consideration. 

Urban also contacted S&H Lumber, the company that will be replacing a window at the city offices, about the metal roof there and at the pool, pump house and well houses. 

The rotating biological contactor, is not working at the sewer plant. The RBC is a secondary treatment process that provide aeration that helps to biologically break down pollutants. A crew has been scheduled to fix it. 

Ordinance report

Public Officer Gary Vaughan reported on a number of problem properties in the city. It was noted that significant clean up has occurred at 503 and 511 3rd Streets. Peter and Lois Ann Krier, the owners of record, will continue their efforts and Vaughan plans to revisit their progress in October. 

New residential and commercial building code books were approved for purchase, and will be on the September agenda for approval. Sidewalk requirements will be added to the city’s building permit applications. It was noted that Roy Demel, the owner of record of 306 Park Street, will move forward with plans for his property, but first property stakes need to be located, or a survey will need to be ordered. The council gave Linda Albers approval to build her fence closer to the front of her property. They will also consider new fencing ordinances in October.