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Commission OKs Extension budget, honors fair
new deh county commission cookie jar pic web
Barton County Commissioner Alicia Straub shows off the Commissionerss Cookie Jar from the Barton County Fair. The cookies were baked by Marian DeWerff. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

 On the Monday morning following the closing of the 2016 Barton County Fair, the County Commission Monday took time to recognize the efforts that go into making it a success while approving the 2017 Barton County Extension Council budget which helps in part to keep the annual event going.

The commission OKed the council’s $215,000 budget which is unchanged from the previous year. “We thank you for your support,” council President Natalie Fulerton said. 

“We want to thank you for all your work,” said Commissioner Alicia Straub, who is the mother of 4-H fair participants. She praised the efforts of the council and the Barton County Fair Board for their partnership.

Straub also presented the Commissioners’ Cookie Jar which she accepted on behalf of the commission Sunday. The decorated jar was filled with cookies baked by open class cookie jar first-place winner Marian DeWerff. DeWerff also won honors in open class arts and crafts, clothing construction and garndening.