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Concealed carry classes remain popular
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The state of Kansas no longer requires residents to take the conceal carry class and get a licence to carry a weapon, but the classes are still in demand, Sheriff Brian Bellendir said. Classes scheduled for this Saturday and for April 29 are full, but another class will be offered in August.
“This class is still very important to everyone that is wanting to carry a weapon even though it’s not a requirement any more,” Bellendir said. “The most important aspect of the class is the education value it has to offer to the public. It teaches them many different items associated with carrying a gun.”
The class is designed to teach weapon safety, understanding certain laws like when can you use deadly force for self-protection, the different types of businesses that a weapon can be taken into legally, and a live-fire exercise that demonstrates how the weapon functions and to fire it safely.
The class is also the prerequisite for obtaining a concealed carry license through the State of Kansas.
“Some people just want to take the class for the education benefits it provides,” Bellendir said. Others want the license in order to carry their weapon to other states that recognize the license from Kansas.
According to, on and after July 1, 2013, Kansas honors all “valid” non-Kansas concealed carry licenses for non-Kansas residents. A complete list of states that recognize a conceal carry permit from Kansas can also be found there.
With many people wanting to take the class, the BCSO plans to offer it again in August. People can call the BCSO office, 620-793-1876, and have their name added to a list.
Residents of Barton County will be given priority enrollment. The fee for the class is $50.
Students will need to furnish their own handgun, hearing and eye protection and at least 50 rounds of ammunition. Enrollment is limited.