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Dennis Shaw eligible for parole hearing
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Dennis Shaw III - photo by Kansas Department of Corrections

A man convicted of rape in Pawnee County is eligible for a parole hearing before the Kansas Prisoner Review Board in June.
Dennis E. Shaw III, 63, was convicted of a 1978 rape in Sedgwick County and a 1988 rape in Pawnee County. He also has convictions for battery of a state corrections officer or employee in 2009 in Pawnee County, aggravated battery in 1975 in Sedgwick County, and aggravated sexual battery in 1990 in Leavenworth County.
Shaw, whose true name is Dennis Eugene Dunford, is at the Lansing Correctional Facility where his custody level is listed as “special management.” He is working a job.
Although he has been eligible for parole hearings several times, the Prisoner Review Board notes that parole eligibility is not necessarily the same as parole suitability. In determining parole suitability, the board considers an inmate’s crimes and criminal history, program participation and other factors.
The Prisoner Review Board will hold public comment sessions on May 17 at Derby’s Police and Courts building, May 19 at the Topeka Municipal Court and May 22 at Kansas City City Hall. Those sessions allow any interested citizen to present comments concerning inmates who are entitled by law to a parole hearing in June. Citizens may also mail written comments to Kansas Department of Corrections, Prisoner Review Board; 714 SW Jackson, Suite 300, Topeka, KS 66603.