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Derek Grabast's Chinese journey
Derek enjoys therapy 'buddies'
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Derek Grabast's newest haircut.

By Brenda Grabast
BEIJING, China — Derek has a girlfriend!
Well, kind of.
She is the most beautiful 6-year-old from Dubai. They are in physical therapy at the same time. He keeps trying to give her toys, and when she doesn’t take them, he gets frustrated.
Today though, whenever someone would block her view of him, she would start fussing and almost cry. It was so cute! I don’t think her mom found it as funny as the therapists working on the two. I never got what her name was, but hopefully they will still be here next week.
He has also made another “buddy” during therapy. He is an adorable 8-year old boy from Dubai. Ahammad starts giggling when Derek comes in the room. His therapist says he seems to work harder when Derek is there. I guess boys will be boys, right? LOL.
Derek’s therapies are going great, and I think he actually likes them.
We have another round of therapy on Saturday, but he gets Sunday off. The hospital is taking a bus full of patients to see the Great Wall. It’s about a two-hour drive to get to where a person can tour. Derek and I will go for the first part, but with him in a chair, we’ll skip climbing the steps. I’m in pretty decent shape, but I think that would almost kill me.
Derek will have an EEG Saturday morning, and an MRI of his brain and spine Monday. Why you ask?
The head neurologist thinks Dr. Shah possibly misdiagnosed Derek. Yep, you read that right! His scans and diagnosis don’t match, and she wants to do her own testing. She said sometimes doctors take the “easy” diagnosis, instead of testing more to find the real reason things are wrong. I guess we’ll see what her results are, and maybe go to Dr. El Nabu when we get home. Just another chapter in the Book of Derek.
Don’t buy Mountain Dew here. You may laugh, but my addiction was shattered. It tastes like flat Sprite!
But Pepsi is just as good here, and about 85 cents for a 16-ounce bottle. I may have found a new addiction. Lamb on a stick is a definite no. Chinese grapes are great. Sunflower seeds here are a no-no. Orange juice is super sweet. Just notes for those planning on heading this way.
When someone tells you the food you are getting is a “little” spicy, be prepared. I had a piece of chicken that the gal said was a “little spicy.” Well, either she lives on the sun, or I have serious issues with hot stuff.
Grace has been running, trying to keep her patients all happy.
Since taxis here don’t like picking up wheelchairs, she has made sure Derek and I have everything we need. She even got Derek some McDonald’s fries. One for today, and one to warm in the toaster oven tomorrow.
He is sooooooooo spoiled by the nurses, too. He might have a crush on Shar-Lae. He always giggles and blinks a lot when she comes in the room.
I better give this iPad thing back to Derek. So until tomorrow.
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Great Bend Tribune will follow the journey of Derek Grabast of Hudson for innovative stem-cell treatment in Beijing, China.