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DeWerff earns gardening awards
courtesy photo Wayne DeWeff, left, is shown with Kansas Lt. Gov. David Toland at the Kansas State Fair.

Wayne DeWerff, Ellinwood native and current Ag instructor and FFA advisor at Central Plains High School, took home back-to-back honors for the Governor’s Sweepstakes watermelons at the Kansas State Fair, winning it in 2021 and now 2022. Part of the honor was to present one of four melons to the Governor, but in this case, Lt. Governor David Toland was filling in for Governor Kelly, who was tending to family business.

Along with that honor, DeWerff also took home quite a few other top melon awards, including Champion Watermelon, Champion Potatoes, 1st Icebox melon, 1st Long Striped melon, 1st Long Green, 2nd Collection of 3 varieties, and 2nd Grey.  

Good fortune continued as DeWerff added 1st place okra, 1st place red potatoes, 1st place white potatoes, 1st largest cabbage, 2nd jalapenos, and 2nd red onions.  

DeWerff commented that it was a tough year for gardens this summer, but plenty of water, a strong back, a dependable hoe, and a lot of faith makes things fall into place.