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Drillers strike oil at landfill
new deh county update oil well pic
Shown is the oil well being drilled at the Barton County Landfill. The well was successful, but the production level wont be known for a few months. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

 Emergency Planning Committee seeking members


The Barton County Local Emergency Planning Committee, sponsored by Barton County Emergency Management, is seeking individuals to serve on the committee for the following two-year appointments: elected state and local officials, emergency management, emergency medical personnel, local environmental groups, transportation, and community groups. 

The Barton County LEPC was organized after the passage of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986, Title III Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Program. 

This legislation required the preparation of a hazardous materials emergency plan for counties in Kansas. Counties in Kansas are asked to submit nominees to the Commission on Emergency Planning and Response to be officially appointed as members of their respective county LEPC. 

An LEPC is comprised of representatives from the following groups: state/local officials; law enforcement; firefighting; emergency management; health; hospital; broadcast media and/or communications media; transportation; local environmental group; community service/civic group; emergency medical services; and facilities/industries regulated by SARA Title III. 

Individuals who are interested in serving on the Barton County LEPC may contact Miller at 620-793-1919.

 At the Barton County Landfill, up from the ground comes a bubblin’ crude.

Several months back, the Barton Count Commission authorized signing a lease agreement with RJM Oil of Claflin to study the possibility of drilling an oil well at the landfill. The seismic work was done this summer and it looked promising.

Now, the well has been drilled and RJM struck oil, County Administrator Richard Boeckman told commissioners Monday morning. The pipe has been set and tank batteries have been installed.

Boeckman said, however, it will be about three months before producers will know what the production level will be.

Once the well goes online, any revenue generated will go into the county’s general fund, Boeckman said.

The well came up during Boeckman’s departmental services update. Other highlights included:

Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips 

• Snow is predicted Wednesday and again next week prior to Thanksgiving.

So, in keeping with that: Mowing crews completed the third pass on right of way and started cleanup as part of winter preparations; setting up equipment for winter weather continued; and plow blades were adjusted and carbide blades installed. 


• Sign placement continued with six emergency callouts. Vandalism was the cause of four of the callouts. 

• Annual snow training was held Nov. 17 and 18. Landfill staff participated in snow training.

• Asphalt work continued north of Hoisington and in the Odin area patching potholes and ruts. 

• Sand pumping resumed at Ellinwood pit. Sand was hauled to Great bend pit.

• Drainage work was performed as silt and dirt were removed from the ditch at SW 30 Road and 60 Avenue. 

• Staff participated in the Veterans Memorial Stone Dedication on Veterans Day. The wind that day made it necessary to repair flag poles. 

Solid Waste Director Phil Hathcock

In the past two week, the Barton Count Landfill took in:

• 1,861 tons of municipal solid waste

• 889 tons of construction/demolition waste

• 98 tons of special waste

• 1252 loads of waste received for disposal

• $104,739.23 of revenue generated through disposal fees

Notable events:

• Five loads of mattresses were recycled through Hutchinson Correctional Facility.

• Approximately 2,000 pounds of e-waste was recycled.


Emergency Management Director Amy Miller

• The Barton County Local Emergency Planning Committee, sponsored by Barton County Emergency Management, met on Oct. 19 for its quarterly meeting. Committee members discussed ways to increase the diversity of the committee and the announcement of openings for Committee members.

The Committee also approved October 28 as the date for the annual Training and Exercise Planning Workshop. The workshop provides an opportunity for attendees to review and cooperatively schedule their emergency exercise and training needs for the upcoming calendar year, said Emergency Management Director Amy Miller.  

As discussed by the Committee, Miller held a Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW) on Oct. 28 for emergency response partners within Barton County. The workshop is held every year in an effort to develop a coordinated exercise calendar. Multiple agencies and emergency planning partners are tasked to participate in an emergency exercise to meet grant requirements. 

The TEPW provides a framework so that local emergency response partners can discuss what types of exercises and training are needed for their respective agencies. Scenarios are developed for the exercises to either practice recent training, review emergency plans, utilize new equipment, and/or develop relationships between government agencies, private non-profits agencies and private industry. During the planning session, an exercise calendar for 2016 was developed. The group also established tentative exercise calendars for 2017 and 2018.