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Barton Community College announces Fall 2013 graduates
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Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees and those who earned certificates for career training during the fall semester of the 2013 academic year.
Abilene: Casity Dozler, A.S.; Alton: Anthony Johnston, A.A.S.; Ashland: Danette Fletcher, Dietary Manager Certificate; Chase: Jennifer Crawford, A.A.S.; Colby: Brent Arnberger Natural Gas Technician Certificate; Ellinwood: Megan Clemons, A.A.S., Preschool Education Certificate, Carli Newkirk, A.A.S., Jon Perron, A.A.S.; Ellis: Austin McGann, Natural Gas Technician Certificate, Courtney Waldschmidt, A.A.S.; Ellsworth: Mason Reeves, Welding Technology Certificate; Eureka: Rosanna Norman, A.A.S.; Ft. Leavenworth: Gilberto Ortiz, A.S. , Charlotte Roppoli, A.S.; Ft. Riley: Stephanie Adams, A.S., John Ayers, A.G.S., LaTrese Baker-Griffis, A.A., Brian Becker, A.G.S., Crystal Bivens, A.S., Jose Cabandelgado, A.G.S., John Cooper, A.S., Tiffany Doby, A.A.S., Ramel Dupree, A.S., Christine Gardner, A.S., Kristen Gil, A.A.S., Eliezer Goldblatt, A.S., Isaac Irizarry, A.S., Alana Kelly, A.S., Randi Kirkland, A.S., Jacody Lewis, A.S., Linzi Long, A.S., Thomas Martin, A.G.S., Rebekah Martin,  A.S., Tracy Miller, A.A., Randa  Montiel, A.A., Ulysa Muirhead, A.S., Kyle Postlethwait, A.A., Christopher Roberts, A.S., Sidronio Rodriguez, A.G.S., Holland Ross, A.G.S., Tiffany Salser , A.S., Henry Tarpley, A.G.S., April Taylor, A.A.S., Infant and Toddler Education and Care Certificate, Preschool Education Certificate, Gina Tweed, A.G.S., Sarah Williams, A.S.; Frankfort: Aimee Kenworthy, Dietary Manager Certificate; Gardner: Shelby Plank, A.S.; Girard: Julie Murray, Dietary Manager Certificate; Great Bend: Ashley Allen, A.S., Andrew Baker, Criminal Justice Certificate, Tyler Barrett, Natural Gas Technician Certificate, Tabitha Boese, A.G.S., Stephanee Chapman, A.G.S., Jenna Clarke, A.S., Sheryl Elliott, A.G.S., Bobbie Elson, A.A.S., Tabitha Gray, A.S., Preschool Education Certificate, Even Hernandez, Natural Gas Technician Certificate, Orlando Hernandez, Natural Gas Technician Certificate, Rachelle Hillegeist, A.A.S., Dakota Kley, A.A., Julio Montes, A.S., Anna Murphy, A.A., Jeffery Pettijohn, A.A.S., Cody Piland, A.S., Kandace Thomas, A.G.S., Chad Turner, Natural Gas Technician Certificate; Havana: Patricia Donley, Dietary Manager Certificate; Hays: Sarah Branum, A.A.S., David Fitzhugh, A.A.S., Britta Gustafson, A.A.S., Hailey Long, A.A.S., Brandi Werth, A.A.S., Jodi Wolfe, A.A.S.; Herington: Brittany Barnes, A.S.; Hillsboro: Lisa Hoffman, A.A.S.; Hoisington: Brady Moore, A.A.S.; Junction City: Chilsai Basham, A.S., Neal Carman, A.S., Christian Chifor, A.S., Hannah Cornett, A.A., Gavin Cummins, A.A.S., Amber Cunningham, A.S., Jennifer Dickinson, A.G.S., Attallah Fitzgerald, A.S., Kenneth Frame, A.G.S., Katherine Harkness, A.A.S., Desiree Harris, A.S., Matthew Holtzman, A.S., Michael Johnson, A.S., Daniel Lewandowski, A.G.S., Robert Pace, Computer Networking Specialist Certificate, Zanora Peoples, A.S., Charles Preston, A.G.S., Roy Rikoric, Computer Networking Specialist Certificate, Dexter Roberts, Computer Networking Specialist Certificate, Kayla Rogers, Pharmacy Technician Certificate, Robby Thomas, A.G.S., Julian Tobin, A.S., LaTonya Walker, A.G.S.; Kinsley: Shawn Williams, Dietary Manager Certificate; Lansing: Amanda Pina, A.A.; Larned: Laura Kirkwood, A.A.S., Jacob Robison, A.G.S.; Lyons: Kaitlyn McClure, A.S.; Manhattan: Danielle Edwards, A.A., Ayad Ahmed, A.S., Stancil Bonner, A.A.S., Christopher Clark, A.A.S., Shawn Finch, A.A., Dawn Martinez, A.A.S., Jameelah Mitchell, A.S., Edward Pineiro, A.S., Michelle Savitski, A.S., Evelyn Shepard, A.S., Alexandria Taylor, A.A., Jeff Wohlcke, A.G.S., Aida Zelada, A.S.; Milford: Joshua Beamer, A.G.S.; Olathe: Abigail Bundy, A.S.; Otis: Ethan Espinosa, A.S.; Pawnee Rock: Konny Trinka, A.A.S.; Penokee: Michelle Helberg, A.A.S.; Phillipsburg: Alexander Riggs, A.A.S., Peter Rogers, A.A.S.; Plainville: Adam Comeau, A.A.S.; Russell: Jennifer Cisneros, A.A.S., Cameron Hopper, A.A.S.; Salina: Jacob Werner, Natural Gas Technician Certificate; Smith Center: Ethan Eastes, A.A.S., Alex Snyder, A.A.S.; Smolan: Sherry Pierce, A.A.S.; Syracuse: Parvin Musgrove, Medical Coding Certificate; Topeka: Jennifer Augustine, Medical Coding Certificate; Wakefield: Stacie Dumas, A.A.S., Greggory Sutton, A.A.S.; Wichita: Denise Geist, A.S., McKenzie Piland, A.S., Melissa Schenk, A.S.; Ardmore, Ala.: Krista Whaler, A.A.S.; Birmingham, Ala.: Willie Sanders, A.G.S.; Mobile, Ala.: Cheryl Brown, A.S.; Oxford, Ala.: Kevin Christophe, A.G.S.; Mesa, Ariz.: Jesse Burcham, A.A.S..; Citrus Heights, Calif.:  Jenelle Mortimer, Dietary Manager Certificate; Crescent City, Calif.: Justin Hall, Dietary Manager Certificate; San Diego, Calif.: Katelyn Castro, A.S.; Arapahoe, Colo.: Preston White,  Natural Gas Technician Certificate; Colorado Springs, Colo.: Lindsay Walker-Bryson, A.S.; Thornton, Colo.: Lenora Hoyt, Healthcare Document & Transcript Specialist Certificate; Bear, Del.: Dale Harrison, A.A.S..; Brandon, Fla.: Corinne Jenkins, A.S.; Pensacola, Fla.: Jackielyn Lopezarca, A.S.; Sanford, Fla.: Andreas Hunt, Dietary Manager Certificate; West Palm Beach, Fla.: Gonzalo Gelso, A.A.; Stockbridge, Ga.: Rahim Thompson, A.A.; Pocatello, Ind.: Chad Rees, A.A.S..; Beecher City, Ill.: Alek Hutchison, Natural Gas Technician Certificate; Effingham, Ill.: Michael Smith, A.S.; Rineyville, Kent.: Jennifer Pagan, A.S.; Ft. Meade, Md.: Kenisha Finger, A.A.S.; Silver Spring, Md.: Jeremy Pagan, A.A.; Jamesport, Mo.: Andrea Dodds, A.A.S.; Clayton, N.C.: Nolene Barnette, A.S.; Kannapolis, N.C.: Jennifer Harvell, A.S.; Stratham, N.H.: Kelly Betts, A.S.; Bronx, N.Y.: Alanna Ramos, A.S.; Galion, Ohio: Christine Stark, A.A.S.; Philadelphia, Pa.: Lucas Usticke, A.S.; Summerville, S.C.: Emerald Wallace, A.G.S.; Clarksville, Tenn.: Christy Cunningham, A.G.S.; Knoxville, Tenn.: Amber Rodea, A.G.S.; Maryville, Tenn.: Donnie Campbell, A.A.S..; El Paso, Texas: Christopher Pence, A.G.S.; Houston, Texas: Claresse Holback, A.S.; Prince George, Va.: Jason Manes, A.G.S.; Ruther Glen, Va.: Kyle Maggart, A.A.; Williamsburg, Va.: Jamie Hill, A.S.; DuPont, Wash.: Virginia Mince, A.S.; Ft. Lewis, Wash.: Brandon Mac, Computer Networking Specialist Certificate; Milwaukee, Wis.: Amanda Tortorice, Dietary Manager Certificate; Military Stationed Overseas: Scott Issler, A.G.S.; Chile: Maximiliano Alonso, A.G.S.,; Grafenwohr: Brandon Bunch, A.A.S.