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LHS March Spotlight Selections
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Pctured here are Shevin Martin, Wesley Davis, Madison Erway and Dalton McClendon. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

LARNED — Each month, a handful of students at Larned High School are applauded for their efforts in the categories of academics, athletics, fine arts, and leadership and service.

Academics: Shevin Martin, Junior
Success in the classroom begins with the student’s acknowledgement of the value of education
and the desire to gain the knowledge which is needed in order to succeed in life. Furthermore,
that desire must be self-driven through self-motivation in order for that to truly occur. Shevin
has made a commitment to attack each and every class with a fierce determination and a true
commitment to learn what is needed in order to achieve his academic goals by asking questions
for real understanding, being attentive in class, possessing good time management, bringing a
positive attitude to class each day, and taking his education seriously. No creative projects, no
entertaining classroom activities, no new educational philosophies prompted this attitude; it was
his true belief that education is important in achieving one’s goals, and this respect for the pursuit
of knowledge is a perfect reason why Shevin has been selected as the March Spotlight in Academics.

Athletics: Wesley Davis, Junior
Wesley not only is successful in the athletic arena but also leads his team by example. Working
hard to improve his skills, being coachable and being a team player, encouraging his teammates,
and being successful in the classroom are all ways that Wesley acts as a positive example for his
team. Last year, Wesley competed at the state level as a member of the 4 x 8 relay team on the
Indian track team, and this year he was the leading tackler for the Indian football team, has been
a medalist at the first two powerlifting competitions and placed sixth overall and took first in the
clean in his weight class at the state powerlifting contest in Conway Springs last weekend. Because
of his success both in and out of the classroom and his relentless attitude to continue to
improve his skills, Wesley has been selected as the March Spotlight in Athletics.

Fine Arts: Dalton McClendon, Senior
Dalton has become a vital part of the Band of Indians in marching band, concert band, and jazz
band. Taking a year off of playing his instrument after being involved with music for four years
Dalton decided to return to music his senior year and has become an important part of the low
brass section and of the entire band. Not only has Dalton performed at a high musical level, but
he has also become a positive role model by working hard to improve his skill level, even as a
senior, and by taking criticism and instruction and using that to make a positive impact on the
band. This desire to once again be a part of the music program at LHS and to make a real contribution
to the band are both great reasons for Dalton’s being selected as the March spotlight in
Fine Arts.

Leadership/Service: Madison Erway, Senior
A true leader leads without selfish motivation and truly strives to include each and every person
no matter the task at hand. Madison continues to reach out to those who possess the skills that
are needed in order for the task to be successfully completed, works tirelessly until the job is
completed and always finds ways in which to overcome any roadblock which may come her
way. A true servant recognizes his or her personal gifts and then uses those gifts to serve others.
Whether it’s organizing and leading a group to help with chores for those who cannot do it themselves
in the community, organizing a student and community fundraiser to benefit a fellow student,
or embracing a new student in class by helping him or her in class or just by simply making
daily contact with that person, Madison truly sees the worth in every single person and truly deserves
the March spotlight in Leadership/Service.