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Lincoln Elementary wins donation
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Lincoln Elementary School has received a $2,5000 donation from Americas Farmers Grow Communities. Pictured are, back row, from left: Teacher Billie Kuhlman, who won the prize; her husband Dale, PE teacher at Lincoln School; and Principal Misty Straub. Fifth graders holding a sign representing the gift are: Kamryn Johns, Katie Kuhlman, Levi Stevens and Kyle Holbrook.

Lincoln Elementary School has received a $2,500 donation from America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund.
Billie Kuhlman, whose name was drawn in a raffle, designated that the money go to the school. Her husband, Dale, is a physical education teacher at Lincoln and her daughter, Katie, is a fifth grader there.
“Lincoln teachers and staff have had a positive impact on my family and our children’s education for a number of years so directing this donation to the school allows us the opportunity to give back and help benefit our teachers and students in the classroom,” Billie Kuhlman said.
Lincoln School Principal Misty Straub said she was pleased to accept the money on behalf of the school.
“A current issue in Kansas is the ability to fund public schools and classrooms fairly, and in ways that make an impact from year to year,” Straub said. “For example, a teacher may need $400 to purchase a particular supply for their entire classroom, but an annual budget per classroom may not even be half that much. Therefore, not every student could be provided with a particular material.”
She said the funds will be used to enhance the homeroom and PE classroom budgets this year.
“Monies will be spent on classroom materials and manipulatives that support English language arts, math and PE concepts,” Straub said.
For six years, America’s Farmers Grow Communities has collaborated with farmers to donate over $22 million to more than 8,000 community organizations across rural America. Winning farmers will direct donations to nonprofits to help fight rural hunger, purchase life-saving fire and EMS equipment, support ag youth leadership programs, buy much needed classroom resources and so much more. America’s Farmers Grow Communities partners with farmers to support local nonprofit causes that positively impact farming communities across rural America. Grow Communities is one program in the America’s Farmers community outreach effort, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. Other programs include America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders, which encourages rural youth to remain in agriculture and provides $1,500 college scholarships to high school and college students pursuing ag-related degrees and America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, which works with farmers to nominate rural school districts to compete for $10,000 and $25,000 math and science grants.
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