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Out with the old, in with the new
edu slt dishwasher
Mark Randall, Mark Miller and Steve Corn, Great Bend USD 428 maintenance employees, work during spring break to dismantle and move the aging dishwasher at the central kitchen. The school board approved the purchase of a new dishwasher in December. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Great Bend USD 428 Food Services Director Karl Sprague announced the demise of one dishwasher and the arrival of a new one.
“The old dishwasher was a heavy-duty, high-usage Hobert model that was top of the line in its day,” Sprague said. “It was the model you would see in college dorms, large-scale feeding sites. It was fast and easy to use and it also wasted water and electricity like nobody’s business.
“The old model that was new in 1975 is out of touch with the present needs,” Sprague said. “We are using more disposable items. The machine was falling apart and parts have not been made for this model for many years,” he said, explaining it was being held together with sealant and parts that John Heinrich, USD 428 maintenance plumber, could make.
“We found a Hobart dishwasher that was smaller, more efficient with the water and electricity usage, and should meet our needs for many years,” Sprague said.
The school board approved the purchase of a new dishwasher in December. The board accepted the low bid of $40,102 from Hobart Sales and Service and it was installed over the spring break.
As if it were a last act of defiance, Sprague said the last day the old dishwasher was used, it developed a new leak in one of the water tanks.
The switch-out was easier than had been feared. He noted his staff demo’d the old unit in one day and installed the new one in three days.