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The show goes on
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A freak ice storm caused the 7th grade middle school choir concert to be rescheduled but after listening to the groups on Tuesday, audiences said it was worth the wait. The Choirs, students from the 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3 cores, consisted of around 60 students per core and Tuesday was their first opportunity to practice together. Because of the size of the groups, the cores are divided into two groups and one group practices one day and the other group practices the next. Under the direction of Max Chamberlain and accompanied by Abby Hammeke, the groups performed Rock-a My Soul by Kirby Shaw with soloist from 7-1 Lawsyn Leuenberger, Remy Martin, and Sienna Culey; 7-2 Raven Ellis, Kheyli Lozano, Dalton Ruble and Brody Feist; 7-3 Taryn Warren, Cadence Barfield, Wyatt Webber and Tyler Stein, Mary Had a Baby by Roger Emerson and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Ruth Elaine Schram featuring soloist 7-1 Tia Mitchell; 7-2 Nya Sierra and Hailey Hicks; 7-3 Elysse Ellis and malachi Wasson. After the concert, Mr. Chamberlain stated, “They did fantastic and I have high expectations for them as 8th graders.”