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Evening Lions provided vision screenings
Great Bend Evening Lions member Kevin Wondra exchanges a high-five with 2-year-old Lilly Westerman, held by her big sister Brooke Lewis, after completing a vision scan in the Raptor Center at the zoo. The Lions Club will also offer this free service today when Fun Day resumes at the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo. - photo by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune

The Great Bend Evening Lions Club provided free vision screening last Saturday and and Sunday during Family Fun Day at the Great Bend Brit SpaughZoo.

Member Kevin Wondra said the club has purchased two optical scanners that check for seven different eye issues. The scanners work for all ages, even babies, he said. “If we can get them to look at the camera we can get the screen.”
The equipment is sometimes loaned to Sunflower Diversified Services for early childhood screenings. “The sooner a vision problem is detected, the sooner they can get it corrected,” Wondra said. This can help with school performance and sometimes correct a problem early so a child won’t have to wear glasses later.
The device isn’t intended to take the place of a complete examination by an opthalmologist or optometrist. Those who undergo the screening – or their parents – receive a printout of its findings which can then be shared with an eye-care professional.