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Final Citizenship classes are beginning soon
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After over 25 years of being a Citizenship instructor Doris Reile, is starting her final Citizenship class with registration on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the Great Bend Public Library, basement classroom. These classes will be from 6-7:45 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday for 10 weeks with exceptions in November. The classes will be taught in English and Spanish as needed with interpreters.  

The classes emphasize reading, writing, civics, history, and geography. Each student participates in interview practices to prepare for the USCIS Naturalization interview. The cost of the materials is $40 which includes the textbook, flash cards, CD of questions, copying of documents, envelopes and labels for the process. The USCIS fee for this process is still $725.  

Before the class begins gather documents – birth certificate for student, spouse, children living at home, marriage, divorce, death certificates. All of these must be translated by an approved translator. The last 3-5 years of income tax records are necessary. If the student has any prior criminal records, proof of payment, jail release, etc. are needed. This is extremely important at this time. Also to establish residency utilities bills or bank statements to the current address are needed.   

There are various requirements to obtain Naturalization. Come and learn the rules and regulations about this process and the changes that are occurring in the near future. Join in the next group of new citizens.

The N-400 forms have recently changed and the 100 questions will change the end of 2020. Possibly a rate change is coming also. So join the class now to take advantage of the current information.

For those who speak only Spanish and are past 55 years of age and have had a green card for at least 15 years, the interview is available in Spanish. Also those 50 years of age and have had a green card for 20 years are also eligible for the Spanish test. For the 60 plus who have had the green card for over 20 years, a shortened form and questions is available.  

To anyone who is eligible for the Naturalization process don’t delay. Make your goal to be able to vote in November 2020.    

Call 620-791-7314 for information.