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Fire Prevention Week coming to area schools
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Firefighters of Great Bend practice Thursday afternoon for their upcoming skit for Fire Prevention Week.

It’s time again to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and to make a common meeting area plan for your home.
The Great Bend Fire Department will host Fire Prevention Week at area schools, starting Monday. Actually, the event is so important that GBFD takes two weeks to visit all the preschools, kindergarten classes and elementary schools in Great Bend.
“Our department takes great pride in Fire Prevention Week,” Firefighter Dustin Spore said. “We also get to know the children on a personal level.”
When they visit the preschool and kindergarten classes they will be in full equipment to show the children what they look like when they are fighting fires. This will give the children a better understanding of who a firefighter is and the children will be able to identify them if there is ever a need for them.
While in these classes, the firefighters will teach the children about common meeting areas, 911, crawl low in smoke, and not to play with matches and lighters.
Each preschooler and kindergartner will receive a firefighter helmet and booklet on fire prevention.
The visits to these classes will take place Oct. 5-15.
During the visits to the elementary schools the firefighters will put on a skit for the children. In this year’s skit, a “Band of Klowns” returns home from klown school where they were taught about fire prevention. But these klowns don’t like to follow the rules and learn a hard lesson on fires.
The skit will teach children about smoke alarms, 911, two ways out of your home, common meeting areas, crawl low in smoke, and not to play with matches or lighters.
Each child that goes to the skit will receive coloring books on fire prevention.
The visits to the elementary schools will take place on Oct. 6-9.
For more information about Fire Prevention Week call the Great Bend Fire Department, 620-793-4140.