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Fort Hays State hosts SMEI virtual summer camps
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HAYS – Fort Hays State University’s Science and Mathematics Education Institute is offering a free virtual summer camp with Dr. Sarah Broman Miller, FHSU Reading Specialist. 

SMEI emphasizes science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics comprehension to people of all ages to the surrounding Western Kansas area. 

Dr. Broman Miller will teach a daily activity to school-age children at 10 a.m. June 1-4, on Facebook LIVE. Students will gather supplies before each activity and join Dr. Broman Miller to follow along while building. 

More information about these activities can be found on Science Café’s Facebook page 

You can contact Dr. Sarah Broman Miller at or Dr. Paul Adams at for any additional information. 

Following is the daily schedule: 

Monday, June 1 – Light Up Creature featuring LED lights for eyes they make out of a paper cup. Campers will learn how to light up their creature by creating a circuit out of LED lights and tiny coin cell batteries. 

Materials needed include: two LED lights, two (3-volt) coin cell batteries, tape, one paper cup, craft materials, scissors, markers, construction paper, etc. 

Tuesday, June 2 – Homemade Disco Ball that involves sequins and glitter to make it swirl with light with a small motor. Add a flashlight to show the disco ball crazy lights will dance on the walls.   

Materials needed include: glue, sequins, Styrofoam ball, small DC motor, alligator clip test leads, duct tape and a flashlight. 

Wednesday, June 3 – Art Bot using a cup, markers, batteries and a small motor. This bot will wiggle on paper to create a whirlwind of drawings.   

Materials needed include: one cork, one 3-volt DC motor, one solo cup, scissors, two alligator clip test leads, duct tape, a AA battery holder and two AA batteries. 

Thursday, June 4 – To finish out the week, Dr. Broman Miller will teach the children to make a Solar Marshmallow Cooker by using a cardboard box and aluminum foil. 

Materials needed include: a shoebox with hinged lid, scissors, tape, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, glue, small mirror, black paper, Styrofoam or newspaper, colored markers and marshmallows.