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‘Furry’ convention coming to GB
Three-day event set for July
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Furryfansago, an organization catering to “furries,” those who wear life-size furry animal costumes, will hold what members dub the first-ever Furcon in Great Bend. The three-day convention is set for Friday, July 21, to Sunday, July 23, at the Great Bend Events Center’s smaller back room, the Fort Zarah. 

The Events Center is located at 3111 10th St.

“We’re excited to bring a new light on the furry fandom locally, and show it for what it really is,” said Kristian Rivera, Furryfansago founder and president. “Artists, writers, musicians, and creators alike coming together to celebrate animals, and above all, each other. We’re not just celebrating the Fandom, we’re celebrating who we are – ‘furry’ or not.”

However,  the event has drawn negative, even nasty, attention on social media from those opposed to the idea. 

Just like for any other entity, the Great Bend Events Center is available to this group to book for meetings and events, information from the city said. Some social media attention has mentioned it’s inappropriate for the city to allow.

But the city government has a non-discrimination policy. As long as the group follows the rules and does nothing illegal, the space can be used, this is the same for any park or other public ground. 

“We pretty much expected the negative Facebook feedback, but we’re not going to let those people bring us down,” Rivera, said. “The silent support through email we’ve received is beyond anything we’ve ever imagined, and the support for the Furcon has really outweighed the negative feedback.”

The event organizer is expecting 50 people to this event, the city noted. They are part of the  LGBTQ community and the organizer said they are happy to be able to express their art, designs and costumes. 

“We’ll be doing a smaller convention featuring artwork from local ‘furry’ artists,” Rivera said. “We’ll also have music, and fun activities planned as well as art vendors.”

Admission will be $25 at the door and tickets will be sold online on the Furryfansago website. 

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As for the gathering, “our founder had a vision, a furry convention not only in the big city, but also in the rural areas as well,” according to the organization’s website. “He believed in the idea that all furries should have access to conventions, not just those who lived in or near a big city.”

“Which is why he founded FurryFansago, to let everyone know that all furries are apart of the community, no matter where they live,” the site reads. “It is in the vision of FurryFansago that we’ll go natiowide, state by state, to ensure that all furries everywhere get the love and support they need.”