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GB Better than Great! completes vision plan
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Great Bend Better than Great! co-chairs Mark Mingenback and Regan Reif have announced the completion of the final Community Vision Plan. The public is invited to attend the public release at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the Great Bends Event Center, 3111 10th St. Community members will learn how public input and countless committee meetings over the last year have culminated into a final plan with goals and real action items. 

Individuals and groups interested in collaborating to help carry out the strategies provided will be given the chance to get involved with a number of action committees being formed following the public release.

Mingenback and Reif issued a joint statement this week:

“As we embarked on this journey in the Fall of 2018, we didn’t know exactly where the roadmap was headed or what our final destination would look like. When we began, there was a common theme and that was the desire for a united vision for our community. The dreamers, the realists, and the ‘do-ers’ were then enlisted to help us form the roadmap to our community’s future.

“The community was invited to participate and share their perspectives, and in true Great Bend fashion, many showed up. Over 200 people showed up to participate in two community meetings, a Steering Committee of over 50 members contributed over the course of five meetings, and over 500 residents voiced their opinions through community and business surveys. In all honesty, we were blown away with the energy and passion exhibited by the community.

“In a collaborative fashion, many community members made connections with fellow residents and discussed innovative ideas for our future. They brainstormed numerous solutions and opportunities that our community could focus on over the next 20 years to make Great Bend - Better than Great!

“As Warren Buffett once said, ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’ Whether you joined us to create your ‘shade,’ or perhaps you wanted better ‘shade’ for your co-workers, grandchildren or neighbors, we are grateful for your energy and passion in making our community better. Now is the time to put our plan in motion. Great Bend will always be great, but with your help, it will certainly be Better Than Great!”