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GBCF launches rebranding

Golden Belt Community Foundation adopted a new vision, mission and values as part of a rebranding effort heading into its 25th anniversary next year, foundation Executive Director Christy Tustin said.    

The new vision of “engaging doers and dreamers to build spectacular thriving communities” and mission to “bring extraordinary people together to plan for a vibrant future with our family, friends, and neighbors creating remarkable legacies” will guide the foundation’s work into the future.   

“The foundation believes that the dreams we share unite us, inspire us, and drive us toward a bold vision for the future,” she said. It connects motivated people to the right resources, so they can create the community of their dreams in Rush, Pawnee, Stafford and Barton counties.    

“A new magical logo and bright new colors demonstrates its work in the community,” she said. “Like a magician, the foundation hopes to help our region imagine the possibilities, then inspire to turn them into a reality.”

It will draw on the brightest and best minds for a wealth of expertise, skills, and resources to find better ways, Tustin said. It strives to be inventive, and to not accept what is, always looking for what could be, and challenging others to do the same. 

“The foundation promises to be motivating, rallying citizens to tackle big challenges, as well as collaborative,” he said. “Solutions require meaningful partnerships, fostered at every turn.”  

Golden Belt Community Foundation remembers the family, friends, and neighbors who created the original vision, and it is excited to carry on this legacy with the new image. The new brand, signage, logo and colors will be effective Monday as the foundation celebrates launch week. More information and updates will be available on the foundation’s Facebook page including new swag giveaways, signage, and the ribbon cutting on Oct. 8.   

For questions, call Golden Belt Community Foundation at 620-792-3000 or email The community is invited to join the foundation in making the Golden Belt of Kansas stronger, healthier, and more vibrant for all.