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GBRC Board receives Heizer Park survey results
Lack of restrooms a top concern for respondents
Heizer Park
Heizer Park, located at the corner of 8th and Heizer streets, is pictured. The Great Bend Recreation Commission heard the results from an August community survey regarding potential improvements Monday. - photo by Daniel Kiewel

The Great Bend Recreation Commission Board Monday reviewed results from a recent community survey regarding potential improvements at Heizer Park at 8th Street and Heizer Street in Great Bend.

The survey, which GBRC conducted jointly with City of Great Bend throughout the month of August, received 420 responses, and some of the results were surprising, GBRC Executive Director Diann Henderson told the board.

“There is some nice input that we received from the community,” she said.

“The number one improvement to be made at Heizer Park (is that the respondents) want restrooms at that facility,” Henderson said, noting 70.57% of the respondents indicated that’s what they would most like to see.

“I think that is common within any public facility,” Henderson told the board.

Other potential improvements noted by over half of respondents were lighting (60.05%); improved playground features (56.94%); soccer field improvements (56.94%); and an improved picnic area (51.67%). 

“Lighting was also a surprise a little bit, coming up for improvement ahead of some of the play amenities at the park,” she noted. “We were kind of surprised on the order those things came in.”

Other improvements receiving votes were irrigated grass, volleyball court improvements, wi-fi accessibility, a hiking/biking trail, a community garden, public art, open play spaces, baseball/softball field improvements, and pickleball courts. 

Henderson noted the survey was only the first step in addressing potential improvements at the facility. Currently, she said, GBRC is not looking at any potential projects as a result of the survey, but they are open to working with the city on anything that comes up down the road.

“We definitely would like to be a partner in improving any of those park spaces within Great Bend,” Henderson said.

When asked Wednesday about the survey results, Great Bend City Administrator Kendal Francis indicated the city had not yet had a chance to review the results of the survey.

Heizer Park Survey Results (420 total respondents):

Q1: 77.75% of the respondents visited Heizer park Extremely Often, Very Often, or Somewhat Often

Q2: 53.03% of the respondents visited Heizer Park 1-5 times in the past year

Q3: Reasons that Heizer Park was visited: 41.02% Location of Heizer Park; 33.98% the Soccer Field; 29.37% Playground Equipment

Q4: Reasons to prevent you from visiting Heizer Park: 55.02% Lack of Restrooms; 45.93% Facilities are poorly maintained; 34.21% Lack of Recreation Features; 32.06% Lack of Playground Features

Q5:Satisfaction of current condition of Heizer Park: 1.2% Very Satisfied; 5.78% Satisfied; 43.13% Neutral; 31.57% Unsatisfied; 18.31% Very Unsatisfied 

Q6: What improvements to be made at Heizer Park: 70.57% Restrooms; 60.05% Lighting; 56.94% Playground Features; 52.15% Soccer Field Improvements; 51.67% Picnic Area; 37.80% Irrigated Grass; 31.34% Volleyball Improvements; 30.62% Wi-Fi; 29.90% Hiking/Biking Trail; 22.73% Community Garden; 22.49% Public Art; 22.01% Open Play Spaces; 20.81% Baseball/Softball Field Improvements; 16.51% Pickleball Courts; 13.88% Other

Q7: Open Comments on preferred improvements from above choices

Q8: Age of Respondents: 29.74% 25-34 years; 25.42% 34-44 years; 18-24 years 17.99%; Under 18 years 9.35%; 7.43% 45-54 years; 5.04% 55-64 years; 5.04% 65+ years

Q9:Gender:65.16% Female; 34.84% Male

Q10: Size of household: 45.45% 3-4 people; 27.75% 5-6 people; 20.57% 1-2 people; 6.22% 7+ people