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Great Bend Municipal Court February convictions

Trudy Renae Watson, battery domestic violence

Christy Tina Hamby, dog at large

Rodrigo Ceniceros, criminal trespass

Trenton James Roat, follow too close

Fernando I. Contreras, no driver’s license, use of one way glass

Brianna Yvonne Olivas, basic speed rule/unsafe speed

Eneida Olivas, dog at large

Matthew Francis Leiker, inattentive driving

Erick E. Zayas-Molina, defective tail lamps, no proof insurance

Peyton S. Harvey, racing on highway

Patrick Hames Spetter Jr., defective headlamps, no driver’s license

Juan Gabriel Adorno-Rosario, defective headlamps, no driver’s license

Michael Joe Saenz, vehicle license; illegal tags, no proof insurance

Felicity Ann Sharee Chism, battery domestic violence 

Marisela J. Palacio-Castillo, no proof insurance

Tiffany Eileen Enriquez, battery domestic violence

Kimberly Yvonne Shadduck, unattended vehicle

Tammy Louise Chism, battery domestic violence

Matthew David Garrard, inattentive driving-construction

Andres Briseno, battery, criminal damage to property

Bailey Everett McBride, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Derek Robert Muller, inattentive driving, driving while suspended/revoked, duty to give information/aid

Tabitha Ann Greathouse, battery domestic violence

Mario Alonzo Lira, battery domestic violence

Shane Steven Alexander, battery domestic violence

Rachelle Dawn Sheets, battery

Lucas Joseph Lee Gerhardt, no driver’s license, improper stop lamp/turn signal

Magali Y. Triana, no drivers license

Orlin Lee Akins, battery domestic violence, theft

Carolyn Sue Richardson, vehicle license/illegal tags

Cecil Burt Graves, battery domestic violence

Frank Vasquez, no proof insurance, improper stop lamp/turn signal

Evert James Means, vehicle license/illegal tags

Christopher Genardo Madrid, dog at large

Humberto A. Alonzo, no driver’s license, defective headlamps

Isaac Favela, no driver’s license

Kimberle Jo Jackson, inattentive driving

James Erasmo Delgadillo, battery domestic violence

Hilda S. Vargas, fail to yield from private drive

Desiree Ann Werth, criminal trespass

Richard F. Estes Jr., dog at large

Tatum Leann Sander, follow too close

Ernest Charles Klima, no driver’s license in possession vehicle license/illegal tag

Lindsay Marie Perez, harassment by telephone

Aaron Michael Taylor, unlawful restraint, obstruct legal process

Christopher Genardo Madrid, battery domestic violence

Colby Jay Hopkins, battery against law enforcement officer

Colby Jay Hopkins, obstruct legal process, drunk pedestrian

Sean Alan Patterson, no driver’s license, no proof insurance

Jesus Chavez, no proof insurance

Paige R. Byerly, possession of cigarettes by minor

Jessica Marie Beal, battery

Wayne Howard Hunter Jr., defective headlamps, no proof insurance

Christopher Lee Scheidmen, improper driving on laned road

Nikki Lynne Noah, fail to yield at stop sign

Erika Hernandez, driving while suspended/revoked

Angela Dawn Anderson, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Caden Rei Donnewerth, driving without lights/needed, no proof insurance

Theresa D. Lemuz, no rabies vaccination

Eric William Torres, criminal damage to property

Jenna Lynn Dean, follow too close

Starla Kay Bieberle, inattentive driving

Rose Elva Camacho, no proof insurance

Joshua Duane Williams, criminal trespass

Nicholas D. Snyder, vehicle license; illegal tag

Alma Esparza Flores, fail to yield at stop sign, driving while suspended/revoked

Bryan Gene Rucker, driving while suspended/revoked, defective tail lamps

Shaie Selena Meza, no proof insurance

Gavyn Lee Lohr, no proof insurance, vehicle license; illegal tags

Heratio Jack Baker, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, defective tag light

Jaleesa Dawn Hood, driving while suspended/revoked, failure to signal turn

Brayden Riley Dove, basic speed-school zone

Traxler Aaron Denning, driving while suspended/revoked, defective muffler

Zachery Randell Jacobs, no proof insurance

Braiden Chip Sterling Belote, driving while suspended/revoked, defective tail lamps

Bonnie Marie Kuhn, driving while suspended/revoked, defective tag light

Bernardo Esteban Renteria, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, no driver’s license

Christopher Genardo Madrid, no drivers license, defective tail lamps

Derek Sean Devine, dog at large

Marla Ann Farber, inattentive driving

Adams James Bailey, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, no proof insurance

Jennifer Nicole Willenberg, battery

Adalberto Pablo Rios, criminal damage to property

Spencer Allen Wolfkill, follow too close

Tonda Kay Sharp, inattentive driving