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Great Bend students give thanks
turkey Park 2020

Before Great Bend students left for an extended Thanksgiving break that officially starts Monday, the Great Bend Tribune asked Andrea Bauer at USD 428 if teachers had any photos of Thanksgiving activities.

At Park Elementary, students were asked, “What are you thankful for?” 

A few of their answers:


Preslie: Love and family.

Kyler: Milk!

Clayton: My mom because I love her.

Linden: My dad.

Lana: Minnie Mouse, headphones, and iPads.

1st Graders

JuanCarlos: My mom.

Bella: Everything!

Hunter: My cat because I love her.

Leslie: My sister Jasmine because she is a volley-baller!

Oscar: Everyone who helps me.

Kendra: My little sister because she is the best sister.

Jasiah: My grandpa because he lets me play outside.

Conrad: My dad because he plays video games with me.

Kayden: Goojitzu Toys!

2nd Graders

Mario: When my mom does the dishes and housework.

Kaylee: Math because we love being smart!

Taliya: My teacher!

Lisette: Family and friends.

Emma: My dad.

3rd Graders

Samuel: When I play with my friends and have fun. 

Yatzil: For my whole family. 

Tessa: For my family because they take care of me. 

Maria: Pilgrims because they made our home. 

Eddie: My family because they take care of me. 

Carlos: Chicken strips and life. 

Enrique: Family because I love them. 

4th Graders 

Devin: My skateboard and my mom because she gave birth to me. 

Jaaziel: The community because they’ve done so much to keep us safe. 

Rialey: My parents because they take care of me every day. 

Peyton: My family because they feed me, give me clothes, and make sure I am okay. 

Beirly: My family because they get me the things I want and need. 

Trait: Ketchup. 

Camila: My brothers because they always take care of me. 

Adrian: Family because they care for you and give you love. 

5th Graders 

Kaylee: Everything! Especially not being quarantined anymore. 

Yoseline: My teacher because she helps me with a lot of homework. 

Kevin: My PC because I get to play Fortnite on it. 

Mara: Family, friends, pets, and anime. 

Jaryo: Spending time with my friends and family. 

Jasmine: Food and Bakugou 

6th Graders 

Juan: My family because without them I wouldn’t have a roof over my head. 

Keelan: Friends because we can play xBox together online even with COVID. 

Gracelinn: My mom because she provides a lot of stuff for me even when it’s tough. 

Jacqueline: Having friends so you aren’t alone. 

Leo: Recess because I get to be with people from the other class. 

Steven: Lunch because people who haven’t had breakfast can get healthy foods.

Other schools

Lincoln Elementary School first-graders took home “turkeys in disguise” to hide at home.

At Great Bend High School, Student Council members spread messages of gratitude, encouragement and kindness throughout the school. Hand-written notes were posted on lockers.