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Hoisington City Council approves EMS equipment grant
City will share cost of new ambulance equipment
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The Hoisington City Council reviewed progress on several city projects when it met Monday evening. - photo by Veronica Coons
Here’s a quick look at what happened at the Hoisington City Council meeting Monday night:

  • Approved a consent agenda that included: approval of Minutes From the April 8, 2019 Council Meeting, pproval of appointment of Andrea Dolezal to Library Board, approval of appointment of Sarah Simic to Library Board, approval of two CMB Consumption Permits for Chamber Sip & Shop on April 26, 2019 at City Hall, approval of Mayoral Appointment of Karen VanBrimmer to Board of Zoning Appeals to replace Gary Shook.

  • Recognition of Curtis Karst for More Than 40 Years of Service to the Residents of Hoisington- Notes

  • Approved bids for the refrigerator and freezer From 169 S. Main St. Four bids were received for the refrigerator, and three for the freezer.  Combined total of two highest bids was $4,600. The high bid for rhe refrigerator of $3,100 was offered by Alan Hoffman, and a bid for $1,500 for the freezer was offered by Steve Wilhelm. Proceeds will be used to improve the stage area of the city auditorium.

  • Approved a grant of $15,644.78 to pay for half the cost of a new patient monitor for one of the ambulances, with the city paying the other half from the EMS fund.  

  • Discussion of May 6, 2019 Trip to Stutzman’s Recycling Center. Council members will be joined by city staff and the city manager for a tour of the center and lunch.  The mayor will confirm if he will attend closer to the date.

  • Adopted Ordinance No. 1539 concerning the way administrative fees are applied to outstanding balances that are sent to collections.  By having the collection agency add fee, rather than the city, the result is a higher return to the city, and no additional expense to the delinquent party.

  • Accepted the City Manager’s report which included updates on a variety of city projects including the cancellation of our uniform contract with Aramark, the wastewater lagoon project, Scentral Bark, renovations at Bicentennial Park, pole art, cemetery fencing, an economic development report and the upcoming Destination Bootcamp trip.

HOISINGTON — The adage that persistence pays off was proven once more, this by the Hoisington EMS. For the past four years, the department has unsuccessfully applied for a Kansas Revolving and Assistance Fund grant from the Kansas Board of EMS to replace a patient monitor in one of the city’s two ambulances. This year, rather than ask for the entire amount, Hoisington EMS proposed a 50/50 match, which paid off with a grant for $15,644.78.

The city received confirmation of the grant in a letter on April 9, and Monday night, the Hoisington City Council approved its acceptance unanimously with five of the eight city council members in attendance.

City Manager Jonathan Mitchell said the department also plans to replace a 2007 cot installed on the transfer ambulance. A retrofit would be required to utilize the power lift system for the old cot on the new truck, at an estimated cost of $3,000. The newer cot, a 2015 model used just 9.8 hours, can be purchased and delivered for $9,900, and no retrofit will be necessary. 

While the cost is within the city manager’s spending limit, Mitchell felt it was important to inform the council in light of the new grant. Councilman Jim Morris confirmed funds are available to make both purchases. With no further questions, the council signaled its approval. 

During his city manager report, Mitchell gave a vehicle update, noting that the transfer ambulance has been painted. He shared images of the graphics package. A 28-inch reflective cardinal on the rear, and two 14-inch reflective cardinals on both sides are incorporated into the design. 

“It’s a nice way to connect with the students in our area,” Mitchell said. It’s part of an overall effort to help children feel more comfortable approaching first responders. 

The new animal control vehicle has also been purchased, Mitchell said. The dealer offered $3,500 in trade for the former animal control vehicle, which the city accepted. The graphics for that vehicle will be similar to the Hoisington Police vehicles but will include animal control designation. 

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Photo courtesy of Melissa Nech Hoisington Mayor Dalton Popp presents a clock to Curtis Karst, recognizing him for more than 40 years of service to the Hoisington community. Karst retired in March.