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Holy Family School announces Christmas Musical

The public is cordially invited to attend the Holy Family School Christmas Musical at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12, in the Fine Arts Auditorium at Barton Community College, Principal Debbie Haggans said. The musical, entitled “Straight Out of Bethlehem,” will be performed by the sixth grade with the fifth grade joining in as a choir.

The setting is the sleepy little village of Bethlehem, where something huge and miraculous happens — the birth of the Messiah! Right in the middle of all the action is an irresistibly brave and tireless group of orphans who reside at the Inn of Bethlehem.

Meet Starr (Jade Meyerhoff), Blake (Emery Vandusky), Zoolie (Isabel Gregg), John Luke (Gage Meyers), Gertie (Genevieve Pivonka), Magnus (Kason Stone), Blake (Emery Vandusky), and oh,yes, how could we forget the Shepherds Zeke and Ziggy (Grant Irwin and Aiden Graves)! Along with Trixie (Kamryn Garrett) who runs the inn, this energetic group of characters will put a smile on your lips and a song in your heart as they tell the story of Christmas and how God sent His only Son to be born.

The orphans are not alone in their attempts to show Blake the fullness of God’s love. Mary and Joseph (Sophia Chambers and Troy King), the Shepherds, Angels (Aileen Escobedo, Mya Kaiser, Cambrie Miller, Arely Gonzalez, Lauriel Fellers, Kayley Mayers, and Annalise Detter) along with little Gertie’s animal choir (Cohen Haberman, Bryson Thier, Keelon Anderson, Jakoby Sundahl, Carter Mermis, and Boston Walecki) all do their part to tell this story of Good, Good News!

Performing before the musical will be Holy Family School’s sixth-grade band. Both the band and the musical are under the direction of Mrs. Ashlee Meyerhoff.

“Please join us for an evening of music with our talented Holy Family performances on December 12th,” Haggans said.