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Officials urge caution when selecting roofing contractor
new deh storm damage pic
Many Great Bend homes received roof damage from recent wind storms. Homeowners must be careful to find contractors that are reputable and licensed. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

 The unlimited roofing contractors that are licensed with the City of Great Bend for the 2015-2016 license year are:

• A-R Roofing LLC

• D.V. Douglass Roofing Inc.

• Eaton Roofing & Exteriors Inc.

• Geisler Roofing & Home Improvement

• Golden Belt Construction LLC

• Gorman Roofing Services Inc.

• Gwaltney Inc.

• Hamilton Roofing

• High Plains Roofing Inc.

• Hollis Roofing Inc. 

• Larry Walty Roofing & Guttering Inc.

• Midwest Roofing Services Inc.

• R&R Roofing

• Roofmasters Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Inc.

• Washington Roofing

• Webcon Inc.

• Wray & Sons Roofing Inc.

• Wray Roofing Inc.

The limited roofing contractors that are licensed with the City of Great Bend for the 2015-2016 license year are:

• Alpine Construction

• Border to Border Roofing LLC

• Favela Roofing

• H&H Roofing

• Stukey Roofing

There are a few contractors in town that are licensed as a general contractor, building contractor or residential contractor that occasionally will complete roof repairs. These contractors are also required to hold a Roofing Registration Certificate with the State of Kansas. However, since their scope of work extends beyond roofing specifically they do not appear on our list of Unlimited or Limited Roofing Contractors. These contractors are:

• Axman Builders

• Bryant Construction

• C&K Construction Inc.

• Christians Specialties Inc.

• Cleary Building Corp.

• Commercial Builders Inc.

• D&E Smith Construction

• Dave’s Roofing and Construction

• Feist Construction

• Joiner Construction Inc.

• Kern Konstruction

• Niedens Construction Inc.

• Paul-Wertenberger Const. Inc.

• Quality Renovations

• Quality Structures Inc.

• R.T. Construction

• Ready Roofer Inc.

• Schroeder Homes & Remodeling LLC

• Stanfield Roofing Inc.

• Stueder Contractors Inc.

• Sturdi-Bilt Storage Barns

• Wiens & Company Const. Inc.

• Yoder Engineered Structures Inc.

Information courtesy of the Great Bend Inspection Office.

In the aftermath of a severe storm like the one that swept through the Golden Belt last week, there are plenty of roofs in need of repair. But, officials warn home and business owners to use caution to avoid scams by transient contractors.

“After storm damage, our main priority is to clean up and make repairs as quickly as possible,” Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said. “When considering roofing work on a home or business, it is important that consumers make sure their roofing contractor is properly registered before signing any contract or having any work done.”

Locally, according to Great Bend building inspection technician Maggie Glynn, all licensed contractors, including roofers, are required to hold a license with the city. In order to hold a license they are required to provide proof of insurance coverage and they are required to provide proof of test scores over the International Code Council codes prior to her office issuing a roofing license. 

Glynn said the City has two different types of roofing licenses it may issue. 

The first type is a roofing unlimited contractor license. this license will allow the business holding the license to work on both commercial and residential properties. The second type is the roofing limited contractor license. This license will allow the business holding the license to work on residential properties only. 

In addition to the City of Great Bend requirements, the State of Kansas enacted the Kansas Roofing Registration Act on April 22, 2013, Glynn said. This act requires every roofing contractor working in the State of Kansas to obtain a roofing contractor certificate in order to legally provide commercial or residential roofing services for a fee in Kansas.

When a roofing contractor comes to Glynn’s office requesting a license they have provide their State of Kansas Roofing Registration Certificate. 

The link to the Attorney General’s website for Roofing Registration is On this page there is a link where any consumer can check the Roofer Registry to see if a contractor is registered with the State of Kansas.

In addition to d a license with the city, contractors must also pull a permit for all jobs prior to beginning work, Glynn said. All issued permits should be posted in the window of the job site. 

Schmidt also suggests consumers should request a copy of their roofer’s registration certificate and then should check the KAG consumer protection website to confirm that the registration remains active.

Staff from the attorney general’s Roofing Registration Unit are working to assist local officials in responding to contractors and consumers.

The requirement to register with the attorney general’s office is in addition to any other local requirements that may be imposed by cities or counties. The online directory of registrations is available at

With few exceptions, the Kansas Roofing Registration Act requires roofing contractors to obtain a registration certificate from the Kansas Attorney General in order to legally provide commercial or residential roofing services for a fee in Kansas. It is designed to ensure that legitimate roofing contractors are complying with state requirements, such as carrying appropriate insurance, and to help prevent fly-by-night operators from taking advantage of Kansas consumers.

For more information, any individual inquiring about a licensed contractor or wanting to know if a permit has been pulled for their roofing job can contact the city Inspection Office at 620-793-4106.

Any Kansans who have problems with roofing contractors or other companies that follow storms may file a request for the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division to investigate at 800-432-2310 or 

The attorney general requests that Kansans promptly report any unregistered person or company attempting to sell roofing services.